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Environmental education

For several years, environmental education projects for schools have been promoted in the Hera area. These activities are promoted by the territorial Operative Structures with different methods and characteristics. Over time, projects have assumed their own identity represented by specific names and logos in almost all the territories and are based on a network of local relationships that varies according to the case, by subject and relationship modality.

In general, the collaboration takes place with Institutions, Permanent Centers of Environmental Education, associations and cooperatives that deal with environmental education.The topics mostly dealt with in the projects are:

  • separate collection and recycling of materials;
  • water and water saving;
  • energy and energy saving.

Almost all the projects include, among the activities, the visit to the local facilities by the schools.
The environmental education activity mainly involves primary schools, kindergartens (in particular in Rimini) and second-level schools (Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna, Modena).

The projects also include some teacher training and refresher courses on the topics indicated (Rimini and Ravenna).

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Page updated 31 July 2020

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