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What is Investor Relations?

The Investor Relations team is responsible for the exchange of financial information and insight between a company and the investment community. As a whole, this process enables the company’s activities, its strategy and future prospects to come into full focus, thus allowing the market to make informed judgements as to its true value and seize the investment opportunities it offers.

what does the IR team do

What does the IR team do?

  • Provides an overall competitive analysis of financial data
  • Develops and monitors performance metrics for investor relations purposes
  • Monitors changes in financial administration thanks to an ongoing contact with company management, and develops messages specifically tailored for investors based on these changes
  • Creates presentations and press releases, putting together data intended for communications so as to publicize the company’s financial results, its business plan and significant events in the sector, as well as presentations specifically intended for analysts, brokers, and investors
  • Oversees annual/interim financial reports and CSR statements (concerning issues related to financial results and strategies)
  • Manages the investor relations pages of the company website, releasing financial data online in real time
  • Monitors reports made by analysts and summarizes them for senior management
  • Acts as the company’s main point of contact with the investment community (institutional investors as well as retailers)
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with stock exchange representatives
  • Organizes conferences, road shows, financial results webcasts and conference calls, investor meetings and company visits
  • Provides feedback to management regarding the investment community’s perception of how the company is being managed, including an overall view of its financial results
  • Refers the views of the investor community to the management team, thus contributing to the development of corporate strategy
  • Provides feedback to the management team regarding the impact on the investment community of stock repurchase programs or changes in dividends

Put briefly, one can say that the IR team takes care of FINANCIAL COMMUNICATION, for a constant, transparent and timely flow of information between the Company and its financial stakeholders.

IR team


Hera’s IR team works with consistency and passion, adding a touch of creativity to every task it takes on and customizing its activities for the company’s various stakeholders.

The team can be reached with just one simple click.

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