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Hera aims to expand the reference markets and synergy potentials through the merger of multi-utilities operating in contiguous areas even outside Emilia-Romagna region. Hera held currently a 49.79% stake of Aspes, multi-utility of Pesaro (Marche region). Aspes operates in water, waste and energy businesses with a total turnover of above 90 million of euro and an Ebitda of about 13 million of euro.

Following the agreement on the merger between Aspes Multiservizi (in which Hera has a 49.8% stake) and Megas, the local multi-utilities of Pesaro and Urbino, Hera Group expands its customer base in the north of Marche Region.
Following this merger, Hera will own Megas Trade, the multi-utility actually operating in the Urbino territory, that will be named HeraComm Marche and will be headquartered in Urbino.
This operation represents an important step in the Hera Group consolidation process in the Pesaro-Urbino area, creating the backbone for further expansions in the Marche Region.


Page updated 18 July 2013

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