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Financial targets and achievements


EBITDA as at 2021: 1,135 m€

1,135 mln €


The objective is to be reached using four main levers:

  • Internal growth
  • M&A

As at 31/12/2017 Group Ebitda stands at 984.6 m€, showing a growth of +68 million compared to 2016.

target finanziari ebitda


Financial position

Keep a debt/Eitda ratio below 3.1 asat 2021.


DescriptionHera presents among the lowest financial leverage in the local utility sector. The Business Plan intends to further reinforce the company’s financial position, by continuously monitoring all risk factors, carefully managing cash flow and reaching noteworthy operative synergies.

Annual results show a lower ratio between Net Debt/Ebitda of 2.8x from 2.6x.

target finanziari della Posizione finanziaria


Distribution of a growing dividend: from 9,5 euro cent per share in 2017 up to 10.5 euro cent as at 2021.

10,5 c€

DescriptionThe dividends to be paid are defined during Hera’s Shareholders’ Meetings, on the basis of proposals formulated by the Board of Directors. The objective is to guarantee the company’s shareholders reliable returns on their investment, while maintaining a solid financial structure.

The shareholders’ meeting held on 26 April 2018 approved the allocation of a dividend of 9.5 cents per share, which was paid on 20 June 2018.

target finanziari del Dividendo


Hera reached the fixed targets, showing its capability of operating in a stable and sound way while carrying out a continuous creation of added value for its stakeholders.

Page updated 29 august 2018

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