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Hera Group now part of the Circular Economy Alliance

The Group, whose strategy is built around innovative and sustainable development guided by a circular economy, is now part of this Alliance. Hera has also been included in its 2020 position paper, thanks to the experience gained by Hera Luce, the Group company that developed a circularity measurement system for public lighting.


The Hera Group as well has now become part of the Circular Economy Alliance, which has brought together important companies that symbolise the best of “made in Italy” and are committed towards circularity. The goal is to reinforce the continuous improvement made in the area of sustainability on a daily basis, by way of challenging initiatives, in order to make innovation and sustainability an integral part of business and a strategic competitive choice, also taking into account the fight against climate change.

Our multi-utility has been following this path for some time, considering that since 2017 it has been a member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which brings together leading figures worldwide in this area.Circular economy, moreover, is equally crucial for the Hera Group as the creation of “shared value”, because on the one hand it generates value for the company, and on the other leads to savings in terms of natural resources and meets the priorities and most urgent demands involved in the planet’s sustainable development.

The Circular Economy Alliance maintains that a unique occasion has now arisen to boost coordinated and determined efforts favouring a new model of development. Today’s health emergency has reinforced many elements prefigured by the climate crisis, showing that many systems (natural, economic and social) are strongly interconnected: pursuing a circular economy model is not only a mandatory choice, it is also an opportunity to boost our country’s competitiveness. This is possible through a commitment shared by all stakeholders, and involves interpreting circular economy principles as a driver for innovation across the country, calling for a new paradigm for our productive systems, to be redesigned and innovated in order to allow cycles to be closed and renewable material and energy to be used. The Alliance’s vision is furthermore based on a circular development that begins with valorising Italy’s most outstanding brands, and that takes concrete shape through on the one hand by supporting companies in producing sustainable innovation, and on the other by involving and supporting supply chains, allowing products to have longer useful lives and maintain their value.

The experience gained by Hera Luce included in the Alliance’s new Position Paper
The Alliance’s 2020 Position Paper presents a road map for reaching a circular economy model, with five objectives and 23 detailed actions, aimed at making the most of the potential for economic, social and environmental development linked to a circular economy: a 7% increase in investments and a 10% reduction in costs for raw materials in addition to 700,000 new jobs in Europe by 2030. From an environmental point of view, in Italy, the complete development of a circular economy would lead to a 56% fall in CO2 emissions by 2050.

The Position Paper furthermore presents the experience gained by the members of the Alliance, focused on the most important value chains in various sectors: consumer goods, circular bioeconomy, chemicals and engineering, energy and utilities, finance, fashion and luxury, shipbuilding, food services and tourism. The document is accompanied by projects and good practices that prove the effectiveness of circularity and the concrete efforts made by the members of the Alliance.

The Hera Group is present in the new Position Paper with Hera Luce, its public lighting company that serves over 180 municipalities in 11 regions of Italy, with a total of 530 thousand lighting points, thus ranking among the nation’s leaders in this sector based on its size. Hera Luce, in particular,has developed an innovative and unique system for measuring circularity in lighting systems. All of this is in line with current Italian and European policies, oriented towards developing a circular economic system that makes room for better performing production processes, creating less waste and optimising energy consumption, to the advantage of the community. This unique experience also meets the circularity requirements foreseen by the Ministry for the Environment’s CAMs as regards lighting devices and services, that the Hera Group has now shared with the members of the Alliance.

“Circular economy, for Hera, is an excellent opportunity to respond to the priorities and most urgent challenges in our planet’s sustainable development”, affirms Stefano Venier, Hera Group CEO. “It is a new prospective that orients our business towards an economic growth which is able to generate shared value for the local areas and communities we serve. Hera’s nature as a multi-utility allows us to cover all aspects of circularity, beginning with materials but also including water and energy. Our comprehension of the complex interrelations between these resources and the environment, along with our consolidated knowhow in the businesses we manage and our strong ties with the local areas where we operate, are all elements that guide us towards a regenerative and circular economic development. Now, more than ever, is the time to reinforce our existing partnerships and create new ones, to give a united response to the challenges facing us”.

The Circular Economy Alliance, created in 2017, now counts 17 companies: A2A, Aquafil, Bvlgari, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Cetena (Gruppo Fincantieri), CIRFOOD, Costa Crociere, Enel, ERG, FaterSMART, Gruppo Hera, Intesa Sanpaolo, NextChem (Gruppo Maire Tecnimont), Novamont, Salvatore Ferragamo, TH-Resorts and Touring Club Italiano. These companies promote a transformative economy that does not waste resources, preserves natural capital and unites competitiveness with environmental sustainability. This is a transformation that reconsiders, through innovation, production processes and business models.

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