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Fruttagel opts for the Hera Group’s multiservice proposal, built around a circular economy

Circular economy and sustainability are at the heart of the Hera Business Solution protocol, signed today by the Hera Group, one of Italy’s largest multi-utilities, and Fruttagel, a national leader in the food sector, specialised in the industrial transformation of fresh fruit and vegetables, cereals and beans.

Thanks to the Hera Business Solution, a multiservice offer conceived for large companies, the Hera Group will lend its companies’ experience to Fruttagel. The support provided will allow the latter to meet rising and increasingly challenging goals in circularity along its entire production chain, broadening the range of services already provided by the Group and thus allowing it to count on the benefits ensuing from dealing with a single partner.

Circular economy, indeed, is a concept often associated only with the waste treatment sector, while actually covering all areas and therefore also concerning the responsible and efficient use of water and energy.

Circular economy across the board with Hera Business Solution
The Hera Business Solution protocol signed by Hera and Fruttagel is a valid example of an agreement between different sectors of production that aims at providing solutions for both environmental and production issues, fully deserving a place within the circular economy circuit.

This collaboration is part of a process already underway with Fruttagel, that uses a few services offered by the Hera Group, for example managing waste, with plans to reduce it and global service solutions to maximise recovery, and the purification plant; supplying drinking water; selling energy and web tools to analyse and manage energy consumption and evaluate its effects; offering data connectivity, internet and data centre services.

Now that the Hera Business Solution protocol has been signed, the multi-utility will launch a phase of consulting to draft a monitoring model that covers all Fruttagel’s activities and provides support in reaching environmental sustainability goals in terms of raising consumption efficiency, improving environmental performances and reducing energy and environmental impact. The bar set for these goals will become even higher, owing to the broader range of coordinated services provided by the Hera Group.

With the Hera Business Solution, the Hera Group is indeed available as a partner for large industrial groups, with an overall proposal consisting of integrated energy and environmental solutions, sustainable and well-defined for single businesses, taking their own complexity into account. The goal is to set out new opportunities for growth, working alongside companies, to reduce as much as possible costs for the community, the environment and future generations. All of this will involve regenerating natural resources, lengthening the useful life of goods and resources and developing skills for an efficient use of raw materials.

The Circular Economy Report, to describe and measure sustainability
Measuring and reporting are ever more crucial to remain competitive on the market, in reputational terms as well. In order to present results or previously launched sustainability projects, the Hera Group will lend Fruttagel its consolidated experience in this field, designing and drafting along with this company a report on the sustainability performance reached. The report will be constructed by including indicators concerning the main services acquired/provided, for example recovery in waste managed, greenhouse gasses avoided, renewable energy used and the primary energy saved thanks to efficiency interventions and cogeneration plants. Through these numbers, it will be possible to better analyse these processes and their impact, introduce plans for improvement and transparently report to stakeholders.

“This partnership with Fruttagel, a leading company nationwide, is a further initiative in the development of actions concretely aimed at a circular economy and decarbonisation, introduced by our company”, comments Stefano Venier,HeraGroup CEO. “The integrated contribution coming from our Group’s various specialised companies allows us to act as a single partner, ready to serve our clients and help them reach increasingly demanding and significant goals in sustainability, providing them with across-the-board solutions concerning all areas of a company’s activity”.

“Fruttagel has published a yearly corporate report since 2010, now a Sustainability report, and has always guaranteed that its consumers receive genuine quality products that promote the principles of a correct and healthy diet. This however is no longer enough”, remarks Stanislao Fabbrino, Chairman and CEO of Fruttagel.  “Consumers now not only wish to know “what” is inside our products, but also “how” they are made. Does the company behind these products respect the environment? Does it respond to issues found in the surrounding communities? Does it monitor its employees’ needs? Does it pay famers the right price? The answers to all these questions are found in our company’s Sustainability report, but they also require a great deal of commitment and investment, especially concerning issues in environmental sustainability. This is why we have signed this agreement; we need to collaborate with circular economy specialists and, since we wish to demand more of ourselves, we want the best. We’re working on a new three-year business plan, in which we will set out ambitious targets in sharply reducing the amount of virgin plastic, cutting the amount of CO2 generated by our activities, recovering a larger percentage of processing water and using an increasing amount of energy from renewable sources. We wish to work alongside Hera in meeting all these goals”.

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