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Borsa Italiana welcomes Hera S.p.A.'s new bond to the green & social segment of ExtraMOT PRO

  • New Hera S.p.A. 500 million euro green bond listed on the ExtraMOT PRO segment
  • This green bond hasa 0.875% coupon rate and a 1.084% rate of return
  • The funds raised will finance projects involving energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainable waste management and water infrastructures

Today, Borsa Italiana welcomes Hera S.p.A.’s new green bond to the segment dedicated to green and/or social bonds of the ExtraMOT PRO. This is the second green bond issued on Borsa Italiana’s markets by Hera, an Italian multi-utility specialised in providing energy, water and environmental services.

The issue has a nominal value of 500 million euro, repayable over 8 years, with a coupon rate set at 0.875% and a rate of return coming to 1.084%.

The funds raised will be used to finance or refinance numerous projects, already ongoing or included in the Business plan to 2022, that seek to meet one or more of the goals on the UN’s 2030 Agenda, in areas including energy efficiency, circular economy, sustainable waste management and water infrastructures.

The bond has been included in the segment of Borsa Italiana’s ExtraMOT PRO dedicated to green and/or social bonds, created to allow institutional and retail investors to identify the instruments whose return is destined to finance projects with special environmental and/or social benefits or impacts. 

With Hera S.p.A.’s new bond, the list of bonds oriented towards sustainable development on Borsa Italiana’s bond markets increases by yet another corporate issue, reaching 83 financial instruments listed since the segment was created.

Pietro Poletto, Head of Borsa Italiana’s bond markets, commented:

“The sustainable investment market continues to display strong dynamism and constant growth. The increasing attention shown by investors worldwide towards ESG issues, as defined by their own investment policies, confirms Borsa Italiana’s winning strategic choice of dedicating a specific segment to green and social bonds, within the range of bonds we offer. Indeed, Borsa Italiana plays an active role in promoting sustainable finance, and has included among its institutional goals its wish to make a concrete contribution towards promoting a financial culture increasingly built around a circular economy. We believe in developing a sustainable market, thanks to issuers such as Hera, who have sensed and embraced the values involved in ESG matters, as is demonstrated by the issue of their second green bond listed on our market”.

Stefano Venier, Hera’s CEO, stated:

“Green, or ESG financial instruments are a fundamental lever used to sustain the Hera Group’s commitment towards acting on a business model that is increasingly regenerative and resilient. Able to meet the goals contained in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, this model will also respond to the many challenges currently facing us, first and foremost climate change, that require innovative solutions and long-term investments. The green bond that we have issued fully respects these standards and aims”.

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