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100% of Cosea Ambiente goes to the Hera Group

The multi-utility has consolidated its leadership in the waste management area by acquiring the entire shareholding of the company operating in waste management, owned by 20 Municipalities in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine area.

Hera Group acquires 100% of Sangroservizi

The Hera Group has been definitively awarded the tender for purchasing 100% of the shares of Cosea Ambiente S.p.A., a company managing urban and similar waste services owned by 20 Municipalities in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine area (15 in the province of Bologna, already Hera Group shareholders, and 5 in the province of Pistoia). The documents involved were signed today, 9 May 2019.

The tender was accompanied by a ten-year concession for the Cosea Consorzio’s Ca’ dei Ladri landfill, in the Municipality of Gaggio Montano, also covering assets and resources involved in its operation. The concession, also dated today, was stipulated between Herambiente and Cosea Consorzio. The 18 Municipalities owning Cosea Consorzio are also shareholders in Cosea Ambiente, even while holding different percentages in the two companies, with the exception of two Municipalities with no shareholding.

Thanks to this acquisition, the Hera Group will be able to manage its waste management services in an increasingly synergic way across the entire Province of Bologna. These services will be integrated with the others already offered in the Apennine area (mainly water and gas), guaranteeing at the same time that the personnel currently employed is maintained. As for the Municipalities previously served by Cosea Ambiente, they will benefit from the scale economies ensuing from an advanced industrial approach in service management and fully meet the goals set by the regional law on recycling and recovery. Further benefits will also come from the multi-utility’s many infrastructures, which already guarantee a high level of environmental performance in the areas served by Hera (selection, disposal and biomethane production plants, etc.). Additionally, the Hera Group will invest in currently existing infrastructures and activities over the next few months.

This operation is to be counted alongside the acquisitions made in previous years of Treviso’s Aliplast and Geo Nova and Tuscany’s Waste Recycling and Teseco, finding its place along the Hera Group’s path of growth and the consequent enlargement of its scope of operations, as pursued for a number of years. It furthermore allows the multi-utility to consolidate to a greater degree its national leadership in the waste management sector, in which it serves 3.3 million citizens in over 170 Municipalities and manages all types of waste, thanks to roughly 90 plants that bring together efficiency, competitiveness in costs and the sustainability dictated by the principles of a circular economy.

“This transaction represents another milestone in the ongoing enlargement of our activities in waste management, with the aim of optimising resources and processes, extracting synergies and creating value for the areas served and for all our stakeholders”, comments Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano, Executive Chairman of the Hera Group. “All of this allows us to offer quality services and increasingly integrated solutions to citizens and industrial customers, bringing reliability together with sustainability in the collection and treatment of any type of waste.”

Romano Franchi, Chairman of Consorzio Cosea’s Shareholders Meeting, has stated that “All shareholder municipalities have resolved in favour of this operation. There are a number of reasons for this: it allows us to safeguard the system’s economic sustainability and to guarantee employment through a local presence, while at the same time reaching regulatory aims. We are leaving Hera a healthy system, confident that the Group will be able to further improve it.”

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