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Herambiente assigned Chioggia port reclamation

The tender, worth 28.5 million euro, was awarded to a temporary association headed by the Hera Group, Italy’s leader in waste treatment. Work will begin in 2019 and will lead to an overall redevelopment of the port area, with new quays constructed using inert materials deriving from reclaimed areas previously containing landfills.

Undertaking significant reclamation works in the Chioggia port area, redeveloping it and thus bringing it back to life. This is the commitment that brought a temporary association of businesses led by Herambiente, a Hera Group company and the country’s foremost operator in the waste treatment sector, to be awarded a public tender for the reclamation of strategic areas linked to this important seaport. The tender, amounting to 28.5 million euro, was announced by A.S.Po, Azienda Speciale del Porto di Chioggia, owned by the Venice–Rovigo Chamber of Commerce. The technical partners included in the temporary association are CGX Costruzioni Generali Xodo Srl, Idea Srl and Rossi Renzo Costruzioni Srl, all companies located in the Veneto region.

The tender contract, which launches the works, was signed this morning by Damaso Zanardo, chairman of A.S.Po, and Andrea Ramonda, Herambiente CEO.

More specifically, the works will begin in 2019 and will involve a general redevelopment of some areas of the fluvial-maritime terminal in Val da Rio di Chioggia. On the one hand, an area of 6 hectares will be reclaimed, which from 1961 to 1984 had been used as a landfill for solid waste produced in the municipality of Chioggia. This operation is strategic for the entire area, since the tender, in line with the principles of a circular economy and the many senses in which the Hera Group works towards it, also calls for inert materials to be recovered. Coming to 80% of the total waste, these materials will be used to create some of the port’s quays, thus increasing the project’s overall sustainability.

In this way, all of Herambiente’s know-how regarding reclamation is made available to the Chioggia area, this being a field in which the company belonging to the Hera Group can boast a large amount of experience and extremely high quality and safety standards. Its research, analyses and projects allow the parameters of each and every intervention to be clearly defined. Herambiente’s reclamation department, from this point of view, offers an integrated service that in every phase of the process guarantees full respect for the environment, for current regulations and, to be sure, for the basic principles of a circular economy.

“To reclaim an area”, explains Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano, Executive Chairman of the Hera Group, “a significant amount of knowledge, resources and professional skills is required. Acting through Herambiente, we are proud to be able put all of this to the service of Chioggia. Our goal is to work towards an overall redevelopment of the port area, taking one specific step at a time, as defined by in-depth studies of the context in which we are about to operate. Moreover, the Adriatic coastline is an area we prize highly and on which we have done a great deal of work, not only in the Veneto region but also in Emilia-Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia. The experience we have accumulated will allow us to apply to Chioggia as well a model that is able to guarantee a high degree of efficiency and environmental and economic sustainability.”

“The deal signed, intensely pursued by the Board, is fundamental in giving new impetus to the Chioggia seaport as a Commercial, Fluvial, Maritime and Tourist Port”, comments Damaso Zanardo, chairman of A.S.Po Chioggia. “It will give continuity to the marketing initiatives we have launched in the last few months, demonstrating both how attractive this port is and that a few initial, concrete signs can now be seen that the international economic crisis is being overcome. The professional skills possessed by a group such as Hera, Italy’s leader in waste treatment, guarantees that the operation will be carried out with high levels of quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability”.

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