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Hera Group acquires 100% of Sangroservizi

The remaining 51% of the company, headquartered in Atessa (Chieti) and providing natural gas sales to approximately 7,000 customers, has now been purchased. The transaction, completed under the same terms as the first stage of the acquisition as finalised last March, allows the Group to further consolidate its presence and local roots in Abruzzo.

Hera Group acquires 100% of Sangroservizi

The Hera Group, through its subsidiary Hera Comm, has acquired the remaining 51% of Sangroservizi form the Municipalities of Atessa, San Vito Chietino and Paglieta, reaching a 100% shareholding. The transaction was carried out under the same terms as the first stage of the acquisition, completed on 20 March 2018.

Established in 2003 and legally headquartered in Atessa, Sangroservizi is a company operating in natural gas sales with roughly 7,000 customers.

This transaction follows up on the acquisitions of Fucino Gas, Alento Gas, Julia Servizi Più, Gran Sasso,Verducci Servizi, Enerpeligna and Blu Ranton over the last three years, thanks to which the Hera Group has become a reference operator for the Abruzzo and nearby Marche regions. The company already provides electricity and gas services to over 250,000 customers in these areas.

Hera thus continues to develop a model that brings the local, material presence typical of smaller companies together with the potential for innovation in services and offers and the competitiveness ensuing from being part of a Group that is among the major players in Italy’s energy market.

“We are glad to welcome Sagroservizi’s customers, confirming our commitment to a maintained presence in this area”, remarks Cristian Fabbri, Hera Comm CEO. “In the upcoming months, we will gradually introduce numerous new services and new offers for gas. Furthermore, it will become possible quite soon to choose offers for electricity supply and services aimed at saving energy and optimising energy and gas management. We are at work every day to offer a service ever more closely tailored to the needs of our most demanding customers”.

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