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Hera Group acquires 49% of Sangroservizi

Headquartered in Atessa (Chieti), Sangroservizi offers natural gas sales services to roughly 7,000 customers. Following the recent acquisition of Blu Ranton and prolonging the operations concluded over the last three years, Hera thus further consolidates its presence and its strong local roots in the Abruzzo region.


Slightly over a month after the acquisition of Blu Ranton, the Hera Group continues consolidating its locally rooted presence in the Abruzzo region. Through its subsidiary Hera Comm, indeed, it has purchased 49% of Sangroservizi S.r.l. from the Municipalities of Atessa, San Vito Chietino and Paglieta (all located in the Province of Chieti).

Established in 2003 and legally headquartered in Atessa, Sangroservizi is a company active in natural gas sales with roughly 7,000 customers.

This operation prolongs the series of acquisitions involving Fucino Gas, Alento Gas, Julia Servizi, Gran Sasso,Verducci Servizi and Enerpeligna, in addition to the aforementioned Blu Ranton. Thanks to them, in the last three years the Hera Group has become an outstanding operator in Abruzzo and in the adjacent Marche region, where it already provides electricity and gas services to over 240,000 customers, including its progressive integration with Hera Comm Marche.

The multi-utility thus continues to pursue its development of a model that brings together the local, physical kind of presence typical of smaller enterprises on the one hand, and on the other the potentialities for innovation in services and offers and the competitiveness that ensue from belonging to a Group that is among the main operators in Italy’s energy market.

"With this operation, we have reinforced our presence in the Province of Chieti, fully respecting the process of developing our activities in the Abruzzo and Marche regions" explains Cristian Fabbri, CEO of Hera Comm. "Applying our business model, which unites local management of services for citizens and a global vision to guarantee greater opportunities and competitiveness, allows us to have an increasingly widespread and well-structured presence over the localities served. This system makes it possible for us to meet all of our customers’ needs, from daily assistance to a growing request for tailor-made services, improving, day after day, their customer experience. Our new customers as well will soon be able to tangibly appreciate this improvement".

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