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Hera Group acquires 100% of Blu Ranton

Based in Pescara, the company operates in gas and electricity sales, with roughly 17,000 customers in the Marche and Abruzzo regions, to be added to the 225,000 already served in these areas. Local roots confirmed with new services and offers.


Only a few weeks after the approval of the Business Plan to 2021, the Hera Group is continuing to enlarge its energy customer base and its presence in the Marche and Abruzzo regions. Through subsidiary Hera Comm Marche it has brought to conclusion today the acquisition from Ranton S.r.l. of 100% of Blu Ranton S.r.l., a company operating in free market gas and electricity sales.

Established in 2003 with legal headquarters in Pescara, Blu Ranton has roughly 15,000 gas customers and 2,000 electricity customers, primarily distributed across the provinces of Macerata, Teramo and Pescara.

With this operation, that follows up on the acquisitions of Fucino Gas, Alento Gas, Julia Servizi and Gran Sasso,in addition to Verducci Servizi and Enerpeligna, concluded in 2017, the Hera Group has further consolidated its presence in the two regions, where it already provides electricity and gas services to over 225,000 customers.

The multi-utility is thus proceeding with developing a model that integrates on the one hand the regional presence, in a physical sense as well, typical of local businesses, and on the other the innovative potentialities in services and offers and the competitiveness that both come from belonging to a Group that is among the main operators in the Italian energy market.

"Our presence in local areas is becoming increasingly extensive", explains Cristian Fabbri, CEO of Hera Comm. "This is due to our solid and at the same time flexible business model, which allows us to perfectly integrate locally managed services for citizens with a global vision that guarantees greater opportunities and offers. This system lets us meet all of our customers’ needs, from daily assistance to services increasingly tailored to fit specific requests, improving, day after day, customer experience. We are sure that these new customers as well will show their appreciation for all the possibilities we will soon make available to them".

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