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100% of Gran Sasso goes to Hera Comm

The Hera Group’s presence in Abruzzo has now grown, thanks to the purchase by Hera Comm of 100% of Gran Sasso, the Gran Sasso Energie company with central offices in Pratola Peligna (in the province of L’Aquila) that is involved in free market gas and electricity sales.

Gran Sasso serves approximately 15,000 gas customers and over 3,400 electricity customers, largely concentrated in the areas surrounding L’Aquila, Pescara and Chieti. In 2015 the company’s revenues reached € 9.7 million, due to sales of 16.5 million m3 of gas and 8.5 GWh of electricity. Following the takeover, the extant contracts with clients will remain in force and the company will continue to operate in Abruzzowith bespoke personnel and contact channels.

This operation contributes to the development of a model that brings together the Group’s attention towards customers, seen in its physical presence across the areas served as is typical of local businesses, and the potentiality for innovation in services and offers and the competitiveness that derive from belonging to a Group that, with over 2.1 million customers, is among the foremost operators in the Italian energy market. This model has proven to be particularly effective and appreciated by customers who show a high and constantly growing level of satisfaction, and has led the number of customers to more than double over the past ten years.

Hera Comm’s experience will thus allow the needs of Gran Sasso’s customers as well to be better satisfied, with the new offers and diversified services that will gradually be introduced, beginning in the upcoming months.

The purchase of Gran Sasso, which follows upon those of Fucino Gas, Alento Gas and Julia Servizi, prolongs Hera Comm’s path of growth in Abruzzo, consolidating its presence in this region by offering electricity and gas services to over 60 thousand clients, who are now to be added to the 155 thousand served in the neighbouring Marche region.

"Our widespread presence across the areas served and the flexibility we have maintained, both typical of local businesses, come together with the innovative services and offers tailored to customers’ needs, as developed while managing over 2 million customers. These are the keys to success that have led us to more than double our customers over the last ten years", explains Cristian Fabbri, CEO of Hera Comm. "We are convinced that Gran Sasso’s current customers as well will appreciate our services and integrated offers".

"Gran Sasso developed over the years thanks to the quality of its services and the value of the offers it proposes. We believe that becoming part of a structure as solid and successful as the Hera Group can bring further benefits to our clients" explains Vincenzo Santacroce, Managing Director and owner of Gran Sasso. "Precisely in order to pursue our path of development, we have decided to continue to collaborate with Hera Comm, even following the purchase."

The Hera Group is one of Italy’s leading multi-utilities, operating in the energy (electricity and gas distribution and sales), waste (collection and treatment) and water (aqueduct, sewerage and purification) sectors. The Group’s over 8,500 employees are at work every day in order to meet the numerous needs of 4.4 million citizens in over 350 municipalities, mainly found in the Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Abruzzo and Triveneto regions. Hera Comm is the gas and electricity sales company, 100% controlled by Hera Spa, that operates across the nation with over2.1 million customers.

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