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Hera Shareholders' Meeting: dividend at 9 cents

The Hera Shareholders’ Meeting was held in Bologna this morning, with both ordinary and extraordinary sessions.

Approval of the financial statements and the sustainability report. Dividend at 9 cent./share

In the ordinary session the Meeting approved the financial statements and the sustainability report for 2015, along with the Board of Directors’ proposal to  pay dividends of 9 euro cents per share, matching those paid in the previous financial year, as priorly announced in the business plan to 2019.
In particular, the 2015 financial year closed with positive economic results and a rise in all main indicators, thanks to the Group’s solid business model and a good operational, financial and fiscal management: revenue reached € 4,487.0 million (+7.1% over the previous year), EBITDA settled at € 884.4 million (+1.9%) and net profit post minorities came to € 180.5 million (+9.5%).
The ex coupon date was set at 20 June 2016, with payment beginning on 22 June 2016. The dividend paid, based on the price of Hera stock at 31/12/2015, corresponds to an annual return of approximately 3.7%.

Amendment of article 4 of the Articles of Association

In the extraordinary session the Meeting approved amendments to article 4 of Hera’s Articles of Association, consisting in an explicit statement that Hera S.p.A.’s  company purpose also includes the possibility of engaging in activities involving management and/or supply of integrated energy services.
The activities in question are already practiced by the Company, but this must now be specified in the Articles of Association in order for Hera S.p.A. to obtain certification pursuant to UNI CEI 11352 regulations. This is because legislative decree 102/14, which implements EU directive 2012/27, requires companies, as of July 2016, to obtain this certification in order to be qualified to carry out a number of activities in the field of energy efficiency promotion, such as energy diagnosis, and to obtain white certificates.

Other resolutions approved

The Shareholders’ Meeting, in addition to the report on corporate governance and compensation policy, lastly approved the renewal of the Board of Directors’ authorisation to purchase treasury shares (along with the conditions of their disposal), for a maximum exchange value of € 180 million, for 18 months. This authorisation was requested so as to pursue the goals allowed by current regulations and accepted market practices, among which investment opportunities involving the use of treasury shares to increase the creation of value and possible acquisitions of stakeholdings that also include share exchanges.

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