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HERA: Shareholders' Meeting approves the 2009 financial statements and confirms the Dividend of Euro 8 cents per share

EBITDA of Euro 567.3 million, an increase of 7.4%, and benefits for the local area valued at Euro 967.5 million

In Bologna today, the Shareholders' Meeting of Hera S.p.A. approved the 2009 financial statements and the Board of Directors' proposal to distribute a dividend of Euro 8 cents per share, which will be paid as of 10 June 2010, with detachment of coupon on 7 June 2010.

The Group's 2009 financial statements report revenues of Euro 4,204.2 million (an increase of 13.1% on last year) and an EBITDA of Euro 567.3 million, up 7.4%.

The consolidated net profit amounted to Euro 71.1 million and, without the effect of the tax moratorium, which resulted in a burden of Euro 27.6 million, it would have been Euro 95.3 million, an increase of 0.5% compared to Euro 94.8 million achieved the previous year.

Together with the Financial Statements, the company also provided shareholders with the Sustainability Report already approved by the Board of Directors: in this respect it is evident that the added value produced by Hera in 2009, i.e. the wealth generated, amounted to Euro 967.5 million, an increase of Euro 49.1 million compared to the previous year, that is 5.4%.
Of this amount, 752.6 million were distributed to stakeholders in the Emilia Romagna territory, these being workers, shareholders, the local community, government offices and the company. In addition, further Euro 876.4 million has been distributed, through supplies purchased in this area, to companies working in the reference territory.

The Shareholders' Meeting also resolved to renew the authorisation to purchase treasury shares and, during the extraordinary part of the meeting, proceeded to approve the plan for the merger by incorporation of Agea Reti into Hera S.p.A.

"The good performance of the individual business areas confirmed the solidity of the multiutility formula, both for the company's regulated business and its free market activities. The latter activities in particular," underlined Chairman Tommasi, "offset the strong reduction in energy consumption and in the field of special waste, thanks to the increased strengthening of sales policies which led to a growth in the customer base."

"These results," pointed out Managing Director Maurizio Chiarini, "are also the outcome of a reorganisation process among local operating companies, which has contributed to increasing efficiency and simplifying the company structure. Finally I would like to remind you of the great success achieved by the Euro 500 million Eurobond issued by the Group, which confirmed its excellent reputation and consolidated 90% of its medium- to long-term debt."

The financial statement documentation is available to the public at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and on the website www.gruppohera.it.

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