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Hera Group: capital increase completed

The corporate action involving the assignment of the gas and district heating ystem networks by certain shareholders takes effect today

The share capital increase of Hera S.p.A. was completed with effect as of today, rising from Euro 1,032,737,702 to Euro 1,115,013,754 (with an increase of Euro 82,276,052), as decided at the Shareholders' Meeting of 21 October 2009, through the issue of 82,276,052 new ordinary shares.

This increase, reserved to the Municipality of Ferrara, Holding Ferrara Servizi S.r.l., Area Asset S.p.A. and Con.Ami - Consorzio Azienda Multiservizi Intercomunale, related parties to Hera S.p.A., was released by these parties through contribution in kind comprising:

  • the equity holding in Agea Reti S.r.l., for the portion held by the Municipality of Ferrara and by Holding Ferrara Servizi S.r.l., equal to 1% and 59.28% respectively of the share capital;
  • the Con.Ami corporate divisions with respect to the gas and district heating distribution networks;
  • the Area Asset S.p.A. corporate division with respect to the gas distribution networks.

Dividend rights on the newly issued shares will take effect from 1 January 2009 and the shareholders will have the right to share in Hera S.p.A. profits as of that date.

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