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HERA: Shareholders' Meeting Approves 2008 Financial Statements

EBITDA stands at Euro 528.3 million, up 16.5%: the greatest organic growth the Group has ever achieved.
Dividend of 8 Eurocents per share confirmed.

Today in Bologna the Hera S.p.A. Shareholders' Meeting approved the 2008 statutory financial statements and the proposal of the Board of Directors for the distribution of a dividend of 8 € cents per share, which will be paid starting from 4 June 2009, with detachment of coupon on 1 June 2009.

The Group's 2008 Financial Statements highlighted revenues of Euro 3,716.3 million (an increase of 29.8% compared to last year), and an EBITDA of Euro 528.3 million (an increase of 16.5%).
Pre-tax profit, at Euro 188.9 million, is also up 32.5% over last year.

The Sustainability Report, previously approved by the Board of Directors, was also handed out to the shareholders along with the Financial Statements. To this regard, the value added that Hera generated in 2008 was Euro 909.2 million (+14% compared to the previous year).
Of this amount, Euro 730.9 million were distributed to stakeholders in the Emilia Romagna territory: (workers, shareholders, local communities, PA, company), without considering the turnover of induced activity enlivened by the orders issued to suppliers of our territory.

In compliance with legal provisions of art. 13 L. 25/2/2008 n. 34, the Shareholders' Meeting also resolved on several changes to the company Articles of Association regarding the introduction of the list voting system, already in effect for only the minority shareholders, as the procedure to follow in the future also for appointing Board members of public shareholders holding the majority of capital to the BoD.

"The good results achieved, that have also permitted to set a dividend in line with last year - Chairman Mr. Tommasi highlighted - are the evidence of the continuous growth in reaching the targets."

"Hera performances - said CEO Mr. Maurizio Chiarini - highlight the most significant organic growth ever reached since Hera establishment that have also been underpinned by the execution of a significant development capex program. Hera strong relationship with reference territory represents a competitive advantage in liberalized markets. I would also point out that sustainability is a lever to increase the competitiveness oh Hera and therefore in the light of this relevance we decided to discuss the Sustainability Report in the Shareholders' Meeting together with the annual Financial Report".

Documentation of the financial statements is available to the public at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. and on the Internet site www.gruppohera.it. This press release should be published on the site

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