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Hera Group: business projects approved for integrating CMV Servizi and CMV Energia e Impianti's energy services

Approval arrived today for the agreements concerning a planned integration between the natural gas distribution services provided by Inrete and CMV Servizi, as well as energy sales activities of Hera Comm and CMV Energia e Impianti.


Today, the Boards of Directors of the companies involved began a process aimed at developing a solid business project in the northern Ferrara area, bearing on CMV Servizi and CMV Energia e Impianti, both active in the energy sector. The two companies are owned by the Municipalities of Cento, Vigarano Mainarda, Bondeno, Poggio Renatico, Terre del Reno and Goro, which following the transaction will see an increase in their shareholding in the Hera Group.

The agreement’s implementation is subject to the customary conditions applied in similar transactions, as well as the approval of the various shareholders in their respective meetings, as is expected within the end of the year.

The transaction will concern roughly 25 thousand customers (21,300 in gas and 3,500 in electricity) and approximately 30 thousand delivery points (26,500 in the Ferrara area and over 3,100 in the area surrounding Bologna) in natural gas distribution.

Following the transaction, the personnel currently employed in the two branches of activity of CMV Servizi and CMV Energia e Impianti will be maintained, as will the local business units, which will converge towards other activities carried out by the Hera Group in the same area. CMV will be able to adopt many Group solutions and policies, going to the advantage of the quality and innovative nature of the service offered to its customers.

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