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Price sensitive press releases and notices

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Latest issued press releases:

  • 13/01/2021

    In light of the positive preliminary results for 2020, exceeding expectations, the Group has presented its new five-year strategic document, which confirms trends showing growth and ongoing progress in sustainability. Investments and actions have been planned for an energy transition aimed at carbon neutrality and an environmental evolution towards a circular economy, alongside technological innovation, coherent with European strategy and the goals on the UN's 2030 Agenda

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  • 26/11/2020

    Strong interest shown by investors towards a bond financing the Group's projects, with orders amounting to over 2 billion. This positive reaction was fuelled by the Group's solidity and its high sustainability profile, as recognised by its recent inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

    Online since 26-11-2020 at 18:57
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