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How does Hera approach sustainable investment?

  1. Hera holds to values that can contribute to create a better society. These include the environment, consumer protection, respect for personal beliefs, employees' rights as well as human rights, among others.

  2. Hera answers the socially responsible investors call to action, acting as a good corporate citizen, while at the same time promoting long-term value and financial performance. The goals are accomplished through various means including dialogue, educating the public and attracting media attention to the issue.

  3. Hera integrates sustainability in its planning and control systems and in the management of ALL its business activities:
    • balanced scorecard system involving the whole company management
    • constant commitment to stakeholder reporting
    • sustainability report published on a yearly basis ever since the Group's establishment (since 2007 approved by the BoD with the financial statements)
    • strong attention to systems of values
    • continuous improvement of the Group's accountability profile
    • strengthening of the governance system and management of business risks
    • BoD induction on CSR issues

In order to meet stakeholders expectations in an even better way, the Group is now moving from CSR to CSV


CSR programs focus mostly on reputation and have only a limited connection to the business, it is hard to maintain CSR targets over the long run

Economic value created through CSR is too narrow

CSV is integral to company’s profitability and competitive position. It leverages the unique know how and specific skills of a company to create economic value by creating social value

Corporations make profits while meeting social needs


Page updated 7 June 2018

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