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Global agenda goals concretely addressed by Hera actions

As a member participating in theáUNGC, Hera presented its own path towards implementing, in its businesses, the 10 principles included in the Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Global agenda goals concretely addressed by Hera actions

Value with respect to Ebitda represents the portion of profits traceable to activities and projects that respond to the need for change, moving towards sustainability as indicated by the "Global agenda".

33% of 2017 Ebitda proved to come from shared value activities that take up the call to action contained in the Global Agenda for an "efficient use of resources". As regards the areas impacted, the Group plays a key role in creating value through activities linked to a circular economy (recycling urban and industrial waste and activities in energy recovery, in which Hera is the leading operator nationwide and has furthermore reached the environmental goals set by the EU 10 years in advance) and sustainable management of water resources (purifying waste water with an excellent environmental impact: a priority established by the Group for upcoming years as well).


"Calls to action": Drivers for change, areas of impact and goals set by the UN 2030 Agenda that concern Hera


Page update 7 June 2018

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