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Investors are becoming increasingly interested in issues concerning society. Therefore, the return they expect on their investments goes beyond simply economic factors. Many of them invest in order to obtain a generally positive impact on their own country or across the world, or again to be certain that socially pertinent issues become the overriding focus of their investment.

Responsible investing has gained force, taking on a broader meaning over the last ten years.


What an investor asks of a listed 4.0

  • Investors’ trust in management
    How trustworthy is the company, and to what degree is its management able to handle risk?
  • Legality
    How responsible is it from a legal point of view?
  • Financial management
    How are its financial trends?
  • Innovation
    How innovative is it?
  • Risk & resilience
    How prepared is it to resist significant structural changes?
  • People and social responsibility
    How does it treat its own employees and its reference community?
  • Reputation
    How is it perceived by the collectivity and by its various stakeholders?
  • Environmental impact
    How is it able to protect the environment while operating?

ESG: new tools with which to respond

  • Environmental: environmental sustainability renewable forms of energy, energy efficiency, smart use of raw materials, recycling, regeneration and cutting down on waste
  • Social: relations with employees, suppliers, investors, customers and the area served strategies aimed at welfare, advocacy, inclusion, respect for legality and the struggle against corruption.
  • Governance: a good corporate governance wide-ranging skills, legality, fair remuneration and diversity in the BoD

80% of investors believe that ESG parameters matter

  • Economic and social value
  • Lower environmental, legal, financial and reputational risk
  • Higher operating and financial sustainability over the long term
Hera for SRI

These motivations are gaining ground among Hera’s private investors as well, as can be gathered from the feedback received during the meetings held with national and international investors to present the business plan: over 21% of the Group’s private investors stated that they appreciated Hera’s long-term strategy and believed that it was trustworthy, strongly founded as it is on creating Shared Value and reflecting the SDGs of the UN’s global agenda.


Circular economy

Furthermore, 13% of investors positively evaluated launching businesses inspired by the principles of a circular economy and conserving the environment and resources.



Together to build the future
Insieme per costruire il futuro
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Sustainability and Shared value
Sostenibilità e Valore condiviso