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Hera Group's diversity and inclusion main parameters

Sustainability has always played a key role in Hera's strategy ever since its establishment and the Group is strongly committed in the area of inclusion policies and protection of diversity of customers, workforce and shareholders.
This page collects the main diversity and inclusion parameters to be listed in SRI, diversity and inclusion indexes, listing carried out activities along the year.

Investing in Hera means investing in sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

Board Cultural Diversity, percentRead moreCultural diversity: Hera's Board of Directors includes 27% of members who have diversified cultural and working backgrounds, matured abroad and in different operating contexts compared to the areas where the Group operates.27%
Policy Diversity and OpportunityRead moreDiversity and welfare
The commitment for equal opportunities and enhancement of the value of diversity in the Hera Group is set out and confirmed also in the Code of Ethics that, in occasion of the 2019 revision, was been implemented with principles of respect for diversity and inclusion with an even broader view and cutting across the various articles. Already in October 2009, Hera signed the “Charter for equal opportunities and equality in the workplace” which contains 10 commitments contributing to the fight against all forms of discrimination in the workplace and the enhancement of diversity within the company. A Diversity Manager was appointed in March 2011, in line with the commitments taken when joining the “Charter for equal opportunities and equality in the workplace”. A working group composed of Group company employees of different ages, roles, professions and training was also set up in 2011. This Group is coordinated by the Diversity Manager and works on projects, activities and initiatives regarding diversity and inclusion, also in 2019, such as the event "Who is more different? Let's work on it together" and "Meglio fidarsi", a workshop on trust at work and gender differences. In addition, in 2019, Hera also signed the “Patto Utilitalia - Diversity makes the Difference“, a programme of principles and tangible commitments to promote inclusion in corporate activities.
Targets Diversity and Opportunity - safey, smart work, parental leave and disability awarenessRead more

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Diversity and Opportunity Targets
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, since the begining of the heath crisis, the Hera Group launched several special procedures such as provision of appropriate PPE to all employees and a Covid-19 health insurance policy for its workers, the extension of smart woking and a reinforcement of flexible online work options, new cleaning and sanitisation procedures in all areas as well as new regulations and organisation of spaces/offices.
2019 has seen excellent results in the field of smart working (employees involved in smart working, excluding blue-collar workers, were 26% of the total), coaching initiatives for post parental leave return (both for mothers and fathers) and disability awareness within the company. Among other initiatives, in 2019, cooperation with the associations involved in the Herasolidale project led to "Who is more diverse? Let's work on it together", an event to raise awareness of all types of short - and long-term diversity, involving the workforce and including a speech by Prof. Stefano Zamagni on innovation linked to diversity.
Targets Diversity and Opportunity - WelfareRead moreIn order to enhance opportunities in terms of knowledge, dissemination and usability of the services offered to employees, in 2019 the Group has confirmed the “welfare share” of 385 euro on HEXTRA, the Hera's welfare system, per employee, to be used in 5 welfare areas. Furthermore, all employees were offered the option to convert part of their 2018 performance bonus paid in 2019, into a further welfare quota.TRUE
Targets Diversity and Opportunity - Workforce engagement and tariff concessionsRead more

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Objectives and performance - Workforce engagement & customer concessions
Hera is committed to promote the workforce engagement also through Heureka, a social innovation platform in which all employees can submit innovative proposals, jointly develop an idea with their colleagues, contribute to ideas or vote on the proposals of others. Indeed, the third edition was been released in 2019. Furthermore, the new SOStegno Hera initiative has been launched to promote tariff concessions and initiatives to assist customers and businesses experiencing temporary financial hardship. Following a SOStegno Hera guideline updating initiative, 60% of disconnections were avoided in 2019, thanks to protocols signed with 83 municipalities.
Targets Diversity and Opportunity - Objectives and performance: Contribution to developmentRead moreObjectives and performance - Contribution to development
The Group continues to implement the "social clause" to guarantee employment in the contracts (in 2019 the social clause was included in 20 tenders). Through the "Supplier selection" process, the Group rewards social commitment in the sustainability points, also by including disadvantaged personnel (875 disadvantaged people in 2019 found jobs through outsourcing to social cooperatives).
Targets Diversity and Opportunity: The Diversity ManagementRead more

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Diversity and Opportunity Targets
A Diversity Management has been created in 2011 to further promote the development and diffusion of a company policy on equal opportunities and equality in the workplace. Since then many activities and projects have been carried out to pursuit for equality and to promote inclusive culture. Currently the Diversity work group is composed by 14 members, from different company's organisational departments, that meet periodically to discuss and develop projects in collaboration with company management departments and to simplify their procedures. Diversity Management topic for 2018-2019 was disability, focusing on the well-being of disabled members of staff and sensitisation policies targeting all company employees.
With relation to actions taken at a global level, Hera's CEO Stefano Venier signed the Global Compact The Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) 3 years ago.
Women EmployeesRead moreWomen staff (Breakdown by position)
The amount of female personnel among employees with open-ended contract workers reached 26.6% in 2019, compared to a national average in the energy-water-waste management sector of 15.9% (Eurostat 2014, most recent data available).
Women ManagersRead moreTotal managers, middle managers and management employees
In 2019, considering executive and manager positions, the incidence on the total raises to 32.80% (was 32.3% in 2018). Considering all management employees, women comprise 34.2%. To complete the picture regarding roles of responsibility, 35.7% of women were involved in career advancements (middle managers and managers) in 2019 and 40.7% in the career advancements of managers, middle managers and employees.
New Women EmployeesRead moreIn 2019, 119 female workers were hired under open-ended contracts (8 more than in 2018). The percentage of newly-hired female managers, middle managers and employees was 42.4% of the total number of hires.26.2%
Executive Members Gender Diversity, PercentRead more5 female (executive) directors in Hera out of 44 of executive members in total.11.4%
Female on BoardRead moreOut of 15, there were 5 female members in the BoD in office until the approval of the financial statements as of 31 December 2019. In the new BoD, nominated on 2020's AGM and whose mandate will last from now until the approval of the financial statement for the 2023 financial year, the percentual of female is 40%.33.33%
LGBT rights in the workplaceRead moreHera Code of Ethics, which has been updated with a stronger approach to diversity in 2019, reinforces the national law and prohibits discrimination in employment because of sexual orientation. All Group's employees, regardless their gender, marital status or sexual orientation, have same rights in terms of flexible working hours and parental leaves.TRUE
Diversity and inclusion programsRead the Manifesto DDiversity and inclusion programs
Valore D is the first Italian association of companies to promote diversity, talent and female leadership. An agreement was signed in 2017 with Valore D that led the Hera Group to participate in the ‘InspirinGirls' project which promotes a culture based on inclusion and equality in junior high schools. Hera has been keen to take part in this project, and in order to encourage young women to pursue their ambitions and go beyond gender stereotypes the Group has organised two encounters in junior high schools. In 2019 the project was divided into 4 meetings held at the A. Bertola Lower Secondary School in Rimini, in addition to the 10 meetings organised between 2017 and 2018.
Read about InspirinGirls (page 286)
Communications gender respectfulRead moreThe company strategy on marketing and advertising excludes gender biases in content.TRUE


Flexible Working HoursRead moreHera believes in meeting the needs of its employees by granting them flexibility in their working hours. Flexible hours are distinguished by being voluntary, reversible and compatible with both the company's technical, organisational and productive requirements and its employees' requests. Priority in granting the latter goes to family related needs such as providing health assistance or care for the disabled and for those suffering from a serious illness, once duly verified. To further increase employee flexibility, the Smart Working project was extended to further 1,500 people in January 2019, and Remote working project was further developed and disseminated in 2019, involving 945 people who completed the process to join the company agreement. Following the reorganization caused by the novel covid pandemic and thanks to the very good results achieved, starting from 15 June 2020, the number of colleagues enabled for smartworking will be expanded and they will be granted 2 weekly days of remote work.TRUE
Transfer of solidarity hours and holidaysRead moreIn order to improve everyone's working conditions and business climate, Hera allows each worker to transfer their holiday and leave hours to colleagues to assist minor children and / or partner in need of continuous healthcare, because of disability and / or serious illness.TRUE
Day Care ServicesRead moreBenefits and welfare (Education, daycare and nursing)
In 2019, HEXTRA program, the Group's welfare system, continued to offer a wide range of initiatives and services tailored to meet workers' needs and to increase individual and family well-being in economic and social terms. Among others, initiatives in 2019 included a third edition of university scholarships offering 43 scholarships worth Euro 750 each (three assigned ex-aequo); the third edition of the language study courses A summer in the world with Intercultura, which, in addition to ten scholarships worth Euro 2 thousand each for summer programmes, also included three scholarships worth Euro 7,500 each for an entire school year abroad. The management of the VI edition of the summer camps with the opportunity for each employee to choose the summer camp best suited to their family needs. Furthermore, in line with the previous year, the allocation of an instruction quota for employees who have school-age children for a total investment of over Euro 615 thousand. In detail, among all the projects set up to support the education of employee's children, 3,660 applications were received. Of these, 204 shares were used by employees for crèche services. Fifteen applications for attending crèches with which the Group has agreements (in Bologna, Cesena and Imola) must be added, for a total of 219 children.
Day Care ServicesRead moreMaternity, paternity and parental leave
At Hera Group parental leave is available both for mums and dads. In 2019. the number of mandatory maternity and paternity leaves taken in the Group amounted to 138. The number of paternity leaves taken amounted to 267 and the average duration per capita was 11 days for men and 34 days for women.
Employees With DisabilitiesRead moreHera supports the inclusion of people with special needs, beyond compliance with national legislation. On a total amount of 9171 employees, 426 have disabilities or special needs.4.7%
HIV-AIDS ProgramRead moreAs regards more specifically HIV/AIDS, the Group is committed to safeguarding physical and moral health and to impeding any form of discrimination towards employees affected by the virus, in compliance with regulations intended to prevent the illness from spreading and to protect the local community.
Hera employees: 1) are not required to declare any illness by which they are affected, not even in the case of HIV/AIDS, neither at the time they are hired nor at any following moment, not even in cases of sick leave, check-ups, medical treatment, hospitalisation or rehabilitation therapies; 2) are not required to undergo HIV testing, neither when they are hired nor to obtain and maintain qualifications for the tasks with which they are assigned; 3) are required not to discriminate and not to adopt harmful behaviour towards fellow workers who are perceived as or known to be HIV-positive or affected by AIDS or who cohabit with such persons (disciplinary and corrective actions are foreseen for offenders); 4) are required to show the utmost respect for their fellow workers privacy. Any information communicated as to the health conditions or illnesses of colleagues and collaborators leads to disciplinary measures proportionate to the harm done. 5) The Hera Group (as of its establishment in 2003) has never been involved in legal cases related to discriminatory or harmful conduct shown towards HIV-positive or AIDS-affected employees.
Human RightsRead moreHera fights employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin; it also fights employment decisions based on stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, traits, or performance of individuals of a certain sex, race, age, religion, or ethnic group, or individuals with disabilities.TRUE
Animal rightsRead moreHera does not conduct or commission animal testing.TRUE


Policy Skills TrainingRead moreTraining initiatives
Hera's institutional and management 2019 training programme included several topics such as information systems, technical-professional training as well as quality, safety and environmental issues. It worth mentioning also initiatives linked to the Leadership Model, to institutional training for middle managers and managers, to the implementation of Smart Working and thematic HerAcademy Workshops that have been organised across the year, like “In search of Purpose. The sense of organisations including stakeholder expectations, macro-trends and business implications”. HER@futura initiatives to develop basic digital skills also continued by providing training pills and specific training activities to Managers and Middle Managers.
Policy Career DevelopmentRead more

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Career progress and internal mobility
In 2019, 149 out of 544 career progresses, involved female personnel, totalling 27.4% of all cases (was 26% in 2018). Excluding blue-collar workers where female workers account for around 2.9% of the total, career advancements involving female workers accounted for 40.7% of the total. 35.7% of new middle managers and managers are women.
Average Training HoursRead moreThere were 28.6 training hours per capita in 2019, with 29.2 delivered to men (29.9 in 2018) and 26.7 to women (29.5 in 2018), for a total amount of 244,275 training hours provided. The 2020 target will be to maintain the level of hours per capita at a minimum level of 24.7 hours.28.6
Internal PromotionRead moreHera believes in making its employees grow. That is the reason why internal promotions are fully supported and encouraged through many initiatives and programs. Because internal mobility is a key development lever for the growth of our people, at the end of 2019 we began a process for the renewal of the tools used to support the process. The first application step that will be taken in 2020 will be to listen to people who will have the opportunity to express their professional development interests. In the corporate intranet, there is an internal mobility section, so employees can view announcements for open positions within the Group and apply for those positions, allowing them to be actively involved in their growth process and to directly promote their change. In the course of 2019, there were a total of 182 intragroup transfers between different companies or business units, which made it possible to fill approximately 34% of open positions in the year.TRUE
Management TrainingRead more

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The leadeship model
Hera continues to promote the knowledge and daily implementation by all employees of the conduct, defined in the leadership model. This model is based on the evaluation of performance and managerial skills in order to optimise development actions, focusing on the management and growth of individuals. In 2019 the process involved more than 650 people including managers and middle managers for about 4,000 training hours. Multimedia and interactive content (contests, articles, videos, e-learning courses, slides and tests) were made available to the entire workforce (over 5 thousand employees, middle managers and managers) through the specific e-learning platform.
Training Costs Per EmployeeRead moreTotal amount of investment for training was around 1.8 million euro, for a total amount of 244,275 hours. Considering 28.6 training hours per capita, training cost per employee is 210.75 euro (USD 237 US$ approx..).237 US dollar per capita
Employee SatisfactionRead moreInternal climate index (score 0-100) - The 8th edition of the internal climate survey was carried out in 2019 to determine the employees satisfaction. In 2019 results were very encouraging as the 76% of the company workforce compiled the survey online. The overall results showed achievement of the ESI target of 68/100. The next survey is scheduled for 2021. In addition to that, in 2019 a collaboration with Beaconforce was launched. Through a very user-friendly APP posing simple questions to coworkers on a daily basis the working climate is monitored 365 days/year! Results will be deply analized as at 31/12/20.68/100
Support to local associationsRead moreHera both supports and sponsors  financial/educational/health programs targeting women, elder people, people with disabilities and children.TRUE


Diversity and Opportunity ControversiesRead moreIn 2019 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition.N/A
Recent Diversity Opportunity ControversiesRead moreAs at 25 March 2020 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition.N/A
Wages Working Condition Controversies CountRead moreIn 2019 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition.N/A
Recent Wages Working Condition ControversiesRead moreAs at 25 March 2020 Gruppo Hera was not involved in controversies related to diversity, opportunity or wages working condition.N/A


The different languages of communicationLeaflet arabicHera uses multilingual communication tools to spread good practices and implement shared value creation. In order to reach the largest number of people, the Group produces Multilanguage informative material (Italian, English, Mandarin, French, Arabic, Russian and Urdu).TRUE
Leaflet chinese
Leaflet french
Leaflet english
Leaflet russian
Leaflet urdu
Easy credit recovery for disadvantaged peopleHera's initiatives to support users facing financial hardshipThe Group has developed a facilitated repayment plan that takes into account economic needs of customers in difficulty. The project has been active since 2016 and both households and businesses facing financial difficulty can ask to pay Hera in instalments. In 2019, 220,940 instalment plans were granted (+3% compared to 2018), of which 215,143 were mass-market customers and 5,797 were business customers.TRUE
Projects and products designed for inclusionCircular smart city action areasWith the circular smart city project, Hera is creating a city that facilitates the use of services and inclusion. The ecological recycling islands can be used by disabled people even in wheelchairs while surveillance cameras connected to security bodies make the area safer for all.TRUE
Rifiutologo appHera's app il Rifiutologo, provides information on how to appropriately sort recycling waste. The App now becomes even more user friendly thanks to Alexa, the artificial intelligence created by Amazon. The new functionalities allow Alexa to answer all the questions on the door-to-door collection schedule of the week or produce vocal answers related to sorted waste disposal. Hera considers this interaction with Alexa an advanced tool for the creation of shared value, promoting the respect for the environment and, above all, enhancing inclusion, as it allows an agile use of the Rifiutologo also among people with disabilities.TRUE
Multi-stakeholder solidarityAround Euro 370,000 collected to support associations and their solidarity projects

Read more (pages 301-302)
HeraSolidale is a company project to promote solidarity and support social projects of local non-profit organisation, by involving Hera Group's workforce, its customers and the company itself.
The third edition of HeraSolidale launched in 2018 was completed in 2019. Thanks to this project all workers can, through a monthly withdrawal of 1, 3 or 5 euros, support associations and their solidarity projects; Hera's new customers are able to donate 1 euro to one of the five non-profit organisations when signing a contract with Hera. Furthermore HeraComm and HeraComm Marche donated 1 euro for every new customer during the two years of the project. The beneficiary bodies have been chosen by the workers themselves. Around 370,000 euros were donated to the 5 HeraSolidale non-profit partner organisations from workers, customers and company in the two years of the project concluded in 2019. The fourth edition of HeraSolidale will be lauched in 2020.

Ethical indexes including hera.

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