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Being Hera operating in Energy, Water and Waste (that in fact we should call "resources") businesses, which are relevant elements in the environmental scenario, it directly and indirectly derives value from engaging in sustainability-related activities: for this reason the Group must manage its core business and create value for itself and its stakeholders in a long-term environmental perspective. The Group's mission, designed at the time of its establishment, also cites among other key targets, the respect for the environment for the sake of present and for future generations.

Hera therefore integrates sustainability in operating procedures, in business, in reporting and in pursuing goals that go far beyond the simple reputation management.

Ever since its establishment, the coherent and sustainable strategy has remained stable over time, despite having to deal with a range of variables: (i) a scenario marked by continuous changes; (ii) a progressive and constant process of service liberalization; (iii) constant turbulence on its reference markets. This coherence has allowed it to stably maintain its role as a reference point in providing publicly relevant services. The Group's Mission itself indicates how it strives towards a path of excellence. Hera, a leading operator in the multi-utility sector, intends to pursue growth, both internal and external, intended to create shared value for its own stakeholders through sustainability policies.

The Group's performance has been sustained by its strategic choices, bringing its stock market capitalisation to over 4.2 billion euro, among the largest in the sector. In recent years, Hera stock has shown constant growth, bearing witness to a resilience that is superior to that shown by its main peers.

The Group's balanced mix of internal and external growth, the calibrated development of its activity portfolio, its risk-adverse strategy and the actions brought into play aimed at creating shared value: all of this lends credibility to the stock's prospects for short and long-term growth.

Hera results come from its balanced and diversified business, powered by multiple engines of growth, coupled with agile resource allocation, creation of shared value and excellent execution.


Constant growth
Dividend Stable / Growing
Solid financial structure
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Ever since its creation, the Hera Group has set clear industrial and operating/financial goals for itself, challenging but achievable. The results reached one and a half decades later are tangible proof of this.

Together to build the future
Insieme per costruire il futuro
REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Sustainability and Shared value
SostenibilitÓ e Valore condiviso