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Webranking 2011: Hera Group once again awarded for web communication

The annual KWD Webranking (previously known as the H&H Webranking) this year reaches its 10th edition in Italy. This year's Italian edition, conducted by KWD (the digital division of Hallvarsson&Halvarsson) in collaboration with Lundquist and published by Corriere della Sera, evaluated the online corporate communications of the 101 largest Italian companies by market capitalisation.


By scoring 85,5, "small" Hera ranked third, preceded only by giants such as ENI and Telecom. A result to be proud of, far better than the national average.

The Italian average fell almost 3 points compared with last year, dropping to 36.8 from 39.6. With the exception of a limited number of companies that have been working to improve their online communications for several years, the majority of those evaluated have not been improving in recent years and remain stuck in the lower part of the ranking. The fact that four of the companies in the top 10 are mid-caps shows that good online communications is not the exclusive domain of large companies and is rather linked to a culture of open communications that has developed internally. The Italian edition is part of a larger international study, which this year has looked at more than 950 companies including those in the FT Europe 500 and FT Global 100 as well as different national rankings. Twenty-four Italian companies are included in the European ranking.

The annual edition of KWD Webranking Awards, which recognises the best corporate websites from the KWD Webranking 2011 Italy Top100 research, will be held on Monday 28 November in
Milan at 3pm at the Sala Buzzati, Corriere della Sera.

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