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Communicating sustainability on the web: Hera Group is among the 8 best companies in Italy


For a company, attention to sustainability goes beyond carrying out actions. It’s also about the way in which those actions are told, for example with stories, initiatives and emotional videos. Being sustainable for Hera Group has always been a question of DNA. For this reason, in the ".future" research by Lundquist, a study that takes into consideration the 100 largest Italian companies, the multi-utility is among the first eight major companies in Italy for online communication on sustainability.

On the Italian scene, there are about twenty companies that emerge for the concrete and clear way in which they address the relevant sustainability issues and for the attention given to users of digital channels. The Hera Group is among the six "Silver class" companies, alongside big names such as Generali, Tim and Terna, who know how to combine storytelling and involvement in their web communication.

In particular, the first section of the research conducted by Lundquist, called "Substance", evaluates the sustainability strategy and the communication transparency. In the chapter ".future", Hera Group has been distinguished as a "virtuous example", because "it presents clear and detailed information about the sustainability strategy and corporate priority issues, relating them both with the priorities of the Global Agenda and its business opportunities".

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