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  • In November 28th, the Group ranked first in the 2018 edition of Ferpi's "Oscar di Bilancio" contest, for both financial and sustainability communication (in the segment dedicated to companies listed in FTSE MIB and FTSE ITALIA MID CAP). Hera ranked first also in the special category "Innovation in reporting" thanks to its best practice on business narration, visual presentation, concept, approach to reporting, stakeholder engagement, use of digital and social media, formats, documents for specific targets.

  • Hera is still on the podium for web communication

    Hera is still on the podium for web communication

    Hera is still on the podium for web communication. The Group, with 91.7 points, ranked second in the webranking 2018, contest organized by the experts of Lundquist in collaboration with the Swedish company Comprend and published on November 12, 2018 in Corriere Economia. The Group, which has always paid great attention to communication in a multi-stakeholder view, starting from this year, reports and communicates also on line its activities which create shared-value, ie that benefit the various stakeholders and at the same time generate EBITDA.

  • Thomson Reuters once again included Hera among the 100 best energy producers on the planet.
    In order to determine the inclusion in the prestigious list, TR takes into consideration several indicators, in addition to financial and economic ones, and pays great attention to several aspects such as governance, innovation, reputation, legal compliance, risk management, social responsibility evaluated in a multi-stakeholder perspective and with respect for the environment (emissions, intelligent use of resources). The award once again underlines the Group's commitment to excellence, through the creation of shared value that, as at 30 September 2018, took shape with the launch of the first Biogas plant, with the further increase in the recycling activities of urban waste (with separate waste collection exceeding 60%) and the further development of the activities of Aliplast (a Group company dedicated to the production of goods with waste plastic material).

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    Hera ranked once again in top 25 of the Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index

    The Hera Group has been confirmed as one of the most interesting companies, in Italy and worldwide, for investors who sustain all those committed to promoting diversity and inclusion. The results, which stem directly from the integration of these policies within the Group's strategy, have been approved by the 2018 edition of Thomson Reuters Diversity and Inclusion Index, whose candidate universe is made up of over 7,000 publicly traded companies worldwide.Hera, with a score of 73.5 points, proved to be the 2nd company in Italy and the 22nd across the world of this international ranking. Moreover, its position within its own sector was outstanding, coming in first worldwide among multi-utilities.

  • Boston Consulting Group has ranked the listed companies in the power and gas sector at global level, by Total Shareholder Return (Capital Gain + Dividend Yield) provided over the 2013-2017 five-year period. In the 20th edition of the BCG Report, Hera ranks sixth, thus proving that a strategy geared to Shared Value translates into visible benefits for Company shareholders in a long-term perspective.

  • The Group obtained the fifth place out of 47 companies in the general chart and it also ranked first in the extraordinary survey on "the links between the company and a responsible finance" in the Integrated Governance Index 2018.

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