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Hera Overview

Business model

Hera presents a multi utility business model, supplied to around 4 million customers.

Waste: urban waste collection and urban/special waste process and management
Network: distribution of water, gas, electricity and central heating
Energy: sell and trading of gas and electricity and electric generation

Waste Italian leader

95 new and efficient plants. Full integration of value chain. Unique expertise in Italy, both in building and managing plants, great attention to sustainability and circular economy.



Network  2° Water player in Italy - 3° Gas distributor in Italy

District heating and electricity distribution through over 60,000 km network, controlled by a remote centralized station, equipped with the latest technology.



Energy 3rd supplier in Italy with 3.3 million gas and electricity customers


Among the leading player in the domestic market, Hera shows a flexible and up streamed procurement with high consideration of sustainability KPIs


Strengths are mainly related to a high portion of regulated activities (stable and visible cash flows) and to a wide and diversified customer base on which cross selling activities can be implemented. Customers are concentrated in the wealthiest areas of the country (Emilia Romagna, Northern part of Marche and Abruzzo) where the Group plays a well defensible leader role in the liberalized activities.

The foundation of Hera success equity story is an effective business model, leading the company to a continuous creation of shared value.

The uninterrupted growth comes as a result of the organic growth, the high synergy potentials, the careful cash generation and from the M&A carried out since its establishment.

Hera has exploited synergies by managing similar businesses at once and merging comparable companies in surrounding areas. Cost reductions achieved (procurement cost, cost to serve, economies of scale, maintenance of networks) are only some examples of synergies of such a business mix.

Hera geographic breakdown as at 31 December 2018

Hera nationwide as at 31 December 2017

Hera Multi-business portfolio highlight low risk profile (main contribution comes from regulated businesses), good visibility on future cash generation and stable/growing dividends.

52% of Ebitda from regulated activities

Page updated 25 March 2020

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