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Financial strategy

The goal of the Group's financial operations is to maintain an adequate current and projected balance between investments and the use of capital on the one hand, and sources of financing on the other, in terms of both repayment plans and types of interest.

In order to maintain the low risk profile it has reached, Hera counts on improving the Group's financial structure, setting as a target in the plan to 2023 a Net debt/Ebitda ratio coming to 2.8, improving with respect to the previous Plan, which projected this ratio at 2.9 in 2022.

Debt/Equity~ 1x
Debt/Ebitda~ 2.8x

These targets are pursued through growth in operating results, which will lead to a positive cash generation, more than able to cover the Group's requirements for investments and dividend payments, leaving ample room for supporting M&As.

Page updated 10 January 2020

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