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Bond Issues

The bond issues and contracted loans are adequate to meet the Group's investment needs and, at the same time, are obtained at competitive conditions, without any interest rate risk.



BondsMaturity (years) Maturity Date Issue size (€/mln)Outstanding (€/mln) Coupon paymentAnnual coupon
Bond Luxembourg Stock Exchange 8 04/10/2021 500.0 249.9 Fixed, annual 3.25%
Bond Luxembourg Stock Exchange 10 22/05/2023 68.0 68.0 Fixed, annual 3.375%
Green BondLuxembourg Stock Exchange
10 04/07/2024 500.0 329.4 Fixed, annual 2.375%
Bond Not listed 15 05/08/2024 20.000 JPY 149.8 Fixed, half-yearly 2.93%
Bond Luxembourg Stock Exchange 12 22/05/2025 32.0 15.0 Fixed, annual 3,5%
Bond Luxembourg Stock Exchange 10 14/10/2026 400.0 400.0 Fixed, annual 0.875%
Bond Non quotato 15/20 14/05/2027-2032 102.5 102.5 Fixed, annual 5.25%
Green BondLuxembourg Stock Exchange, Irish Stock Exchange, ExtraMOT PRO 8 05/07/2027 500.0 500.0 Fixed, annual 0.875%
Bond Luxembourg Stock Exchange 15 29/01/2028 700.0 700.0 Fixed, annual 5.20%
Bond Irish Stock Exchange, Luxembourg Stock Exchange 10 03/12/2030 500.0 500.0 Fixed, annual 0.25%
  • Major bond holders

    Public source: Bloomberg
    The Group's objective is to ensure a liquidity level that can easily cover every contractual obligation, both in the normal course of business and under crisis conditions, through maintenance of available credit facilities, liquidity and rapid undertaking of negotiations with regard to loans about to mature, optimizing the cost of funding in relation to current and future market conditions.

Page updated 3 December 2020

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