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Environment Glossary


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  • Ecological station

    Large area equipped and managed to collect countless types of waste going to recovery, recycling or controlled disposal.

  • Electrolysis

    Chemical-physical process that acts between two substances on the molecular level.

  • EMAS

    Regulation no. 761/2001 EC envisages adoption on the part of business concerns of environmental management systems based on policies, programmes, procedures and objectives directed toward improving the environment, and publication of an environmental statement, to be validated by the ECOAUDIT committee.

  • Emission

    Discharge of any solid, liquid or gaseous substance introduced into the ecosystem that could directly or indirectly make an impact on the environment.

  • Environmental Accounting

    A method of identifying, quantifying, organizing, managing and communicating the environmental impacts of human activities. Environmental accounting systems may concern a geographical area, a natural resource or an activity, so there are several environmental accounting methods, which are to be chosen according to the objectives of the people who are to use them, the system to be described and the reference geographical scale.

  • Eternit

    Hard though light construction material that is very dangerous, obtained by mixing cement with asbestos fibres.

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