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  • TPO (Tender Public Offer) (Investor Relations Glossary)

    This is an operation with which a company, directed at all of the shareholders of a determined company, proposes to acquire the shares in their possession within a pre-determined period and at a price, paid in cash, that normally remains fixed for all the period in which the offer remains open.

  • Take-or-pay (Energy glossary)

    Clause included in natural gas purchase contracts, based on which the purchaser is obliged to in any case pay the price, either in full or partially, of a minimum quantity of gas stipulated in the contract, even should the gas not be withdrawn.

  • Tangible fixed assets (Investor Relations Glossary)

    They are tangible assets utilised by the business on a permanent basis (with long-term utility, for the production and operational activities).
    The accounts relating to tangible fixed assets are as follows:

    1. Land and buildings
    2. Plants and machinery
    3. Industrial and commercial equipments
    4. Other assets
    5. Assets under construction and payments on account

    In the balance sheet the individual accounts are recorded at purchase of production cost net of depreciation.

  • Tariff options (Energy glossary)

    The collection of tariffs and rates, defined by distributors and offered to all customers belonging to the same category, for remuneration for the services of transport, purchase & sale and metering of electricity, net of financial charges.

  • Terna (Energy glossary)

    Terna - Rete Elettrica Nazionale SpA is the company responsible for the transmission and despatching of electricity over the high-voltage and extra-high voltage grid throughout Italy. This activity was carried out by GRTN up until November 2005.

  • Thermoelectric power plant (Environment Glossary)

    Plant for producing heat for civil (e.g. heating) and industrial uses.

  • Thermoplastics (Environment Glossary)

    plastics that can once again be formed after they are heated.

  • Thermosetting (Environment Glossary)

    Plastics that, once formed, can no longer be altered, not even with heat.

  • Tinplate (Environment Glossary)

    Material obtained from dipping a thin sheet of iron into tin.

  • Toner (Environment Glossary)

    black or coloured insulating waxy dust used in computer and photocopier printing.

  • Trade Receivables (Investor Relations Glossary)

    They are the receivables of a non financial nature from customers, group companies and other companies. Their analysis has the objective to verify the percentage within the working capital to establish the consumption or the production of financial resources and the average days of receipt.

  • Trader (see Wholesaler) (Energy glossary)
  • Trading Online (Investor Relations Glossary)

    This is a service offered by financial institutions (bankers, brokers, etc) that permits the trading of financial instruments on the Internet.

  • Transmission (electricity) (Energy glossary)

    The activity of transporting and transforming electricity on the high-voltage and extra high-voltage interconnected grid (i.e. the system of transmission and distribution grids connected via one or more interconnection devices). The activity of transmission is regulated by Terna

  • Transport (Energy glossary)

    Transport consists of carrying the natural gas from the production site or storage fields up to the local distribution network through the network of pipelines (transport network). The cultivation pipelines and distribution networks are therefore not included.

  • Treasury Margin (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Difference between the Current Assets, net of the inventories, and the short-term liabilities. The treasury margin must always be positive as if it is negative it indicates the incapacity of the company to meet, in the case of request, the repayment of short-term loans.

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Sustainability and Shared value
Sustainability and Shared value
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