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  • OPA (Investor Relations Glossary)

    see TPO (Tender Public Offer)

  • Operating Result (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Intermediary economic result, also called operating profit, operating margin or operating return, relating only to the ordinary management of a company and that thus excludes financial components, atypical, extraordinary and fiscal.
    It is obtained from the reclassified income statement adding to the net profit, the taxes, the financial charges and the extraordinary items, or deducting from the revenues all the costs of ordinaryoperations including the depreciation and amortisation.

  • Organic (Environment Glossary)

    Any substance of animal or vegetable origin.

REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
Sustainability and Shared value
Sustainability and Shared value
Sustainability and Shared value
"Hera" has been flowing
A "Hera" that has been flowing