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  • Mains water (Water Glossary)

    Through the mains water service the water is taken from the source, treated by means of purification and introduced into the water network for distribution to consumers. The consumer pays for this service at a variable rate based on the cubic metres consumed and differentiated according to consuption brackets.

  • Market analysis (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Examination made by specialised analysts on the present and future fundamentals of an economy or of a company, made in order to identify the best investment opportunities, or the best manner to place available resources on the market.

  • Marzano Decree (Energy glossary)

    Italian law no. 239 of 23 August 2004 reorganising the energy sector and authorising the Administration to reorganise "legislation governing energy".

  • Mater-bi (Environment Glossary)

    Eco-friendly material made of natural fibre extracted from cornstarch that has biodegradable properties.

  • Measured consumption (Water Glossary)

    This is the water consumption, in cubic metres, between the two meter readings or self-readings:it is therefore equal to the difference between the numbers shown on the meter at the time of the latest reading taken (or the latest self-reading) and the numbers shown on the meter at the time of the previous reading (or the previous self-reading).

  • Memorandum Account (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Records the relative guarantees given directly or indirectly, at the balance sheet date and are reported at the end of the balance sheet.

  • Merger Process (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Mergers are one of the main ways of concentrating businesses. There are two possible types of merger.

  • Micro-organisms (Environment Glossary)

    Organisms or animals visible only under the microscope. They are at the base of the food chain and play the important role of decomposing scrap substances in materials that the earth can absorb.

  • Mineral oils (Environment Glossary)

    Hydrocarbons found in nature in the liquid state or obtained from mineral substances (asphalts, bituminous substances, carbons, etc.).

  • Minimum contractual commitment (Water Glossary)

    This is a quantity of cubic metres of water which, for consumers for other uses only, the consumer is obliged to pay for, irrespective of effective consumption, if this is set out in the consumer regulations.

  • Miscellaneous debits/credits (Water Glossary)

    These include debits/credits other than those for the provision of mains water, sewerage and purification services and the standing charge.They are, for example: contributions for connection to the network, the safety deposit or default interest or, as far as credits are concerned, possible compensation under the Service Charter. The bill should always show what they refer to. Depending on the type, they may or may not be subject to VAT.

  • Mobile container (Environment Glossary)

    Large metal bin (from 15 to 20 m3) used for large industrial users.

  • Monomer (Environment Glossary)

    Minimum part of the fundamental unit, polymer.

  • Mortgage (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Financing through which the bank grant a loan. Generally the loan is for the purchase, the construction or the reconstruction of buildings on which the bank requests a mortgage guarantee. The amount financed must be repaid with monthly instalments also repaying the interest matured.

  • Multi-material (Environment Glossary)

    Particular type of separate waste collection carried out using a bin designed to collect different materials (plastic packaging, cellulose-based packaging, textiles and small pieces of wood).

  • Multi-material waste fraction (Environment Glossary)

    Type of waste division. It is made up of plastic, paper, wood and textiles.

  • Municipal Solid Waste (Environment Glossary)

    Household waste produced daily.

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