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  • IPEX (Energy glossary)

    Italian Power Exchange (see "Electricity stock exchange").

  • Income Statement (Investor Relations Glossary)

    This is a document of the financial statements that indicates the revenues, costs for the year and the net profit or loss. It is presented in a schedule form in which the revenues and costs are shown in a scaled format, in order to indicate the data of the various operational areas or economic aggregates and the intermediary results, and therefore the progressive forming of the net result for the year.
    The net profit or loss constitutes respectively the increase or the decrease of the net equity and therefore represents the reconciliation element between the income statement and the balance sheet.
    The balance sheet, the income statement and the notes thereto constitute the financial statement.

  • Insider Trading (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Utilisation and abuse by a person (insider) of confidential information of a listed company, that impacts the market performance of the listed security. The Finance Act defines as confidential information specific information, of determined content, which is not available to the public, concerning financial instruments or financial instruments issued, that, if made public, would significantly influence the price.

  • Intangible assets (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Cost incurred by the company for the acquisition of long-term assets.
    The intangible assets consist of the following accounts:

    1. formation start-up and similar costs
    2. research, development and advertising cost
    3. industrial patents and intellectual property rights
    4. concessions, licence, trademarks and similar rights
    5. goodwill
    6. assets under construction and payments on account

    The analysis of the balance sheet normally divides intangible assets into three principal types:

    • Long-term charges that include formation, start-up and similar costs, research development and advertising
    • Intangible assets and rights that include the rights of industrial patents and intellectual property rights, concessions, licences, trademarks and similar rights
    • Goodwill.

    In the Balance Sheet the individual accounts are recorded at purchase or production cost and net of amortisation. The cost of fixed assets whose utilisation is limited in time are amortised systematically each year in relation to their residual future utility. Any changes to the amortisation criteria and to the coefficients applied must be described in the notes to the financial statements.

  • Integrated Environmental Authorization (IEA) (Environment Glossary)

    A measure that authorizes the operation of a plant or part of it providing it respects the legislation in force.

  • Interconnection device (Energy glossary)

    Equipment for connecting electricity grids (e.g. switches and circuit breakers).

  • Interest margin (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Determines the difference between the interest rates receivable and payable, or rather the spread between the interest paid on funds received and the interest received on deposits.

  • Internal Auditing (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Part of the internal control system, intended as a collection of organisational structures, activities, and rules, in order to guarantee the achievement of the principal objectives of the company, in terms of economic production (efficiency and effectiveness of the managerial operations), information (transparency and reliability of information flows) and conformity of the conduct compared to the applicable norms.

  • Internal Dealing (Investor Relations Glossary)

    The Code of Conduct in relation to Internal Dealing of a company governs the conduct that must be maintained by the “Significant Persons” within the company in the case of personal operations on listed financial instruments issued by the company in question for their successive communication to the market.

  • Invoiced consumption (Water Glossary)

    This is the water consumption, in cubic metres, invoiced on the bill for the period involved.It can differ from the measured consumption, when part of the estimated consumption since the last reading or self-reading until the issuing of the bill is added to the measured consumption.

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