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  • Gas market (Energy glossary)

    The gas market in Italy is broken down into five basic phases: procurement, transport, storage and despatching, distribution and sale.

  • Gas pipeline (Energy glossary)

    Pipeline that transports gas.

  • Genco (Energy glossary)

    Generation plants with an overall installed power of 15,000 MW, which Enel transferred to third parties following legislation (Bersani Decree). Specifically, these are plants belonging to Elettrogen, Interpower and Eurogen.

  • Generation (see Electricity production) (Energy glossary)
  • Green certificates (Environment Glossary)

    Certificates issued according to the provisions of article 5 of ministerial decree of 11 November 1999. All producers or importers must introduce into the grid a 2% quota of electricity produced from plants fuelled by renewable sources. Production of electricity from such plants takes place according to a regime whereby, for the first eight years, the certification of production from renewable sources (green certificates) has a value, by right, of 100 MWh. Green certificates can be sold as a means of ensuring compliance with the obligation to introduce energy from renewable sources.

  • Green certificates (Energy glossary)

    Bonds that certify the production of energy from renewable sources, imposed by law as a determined minimum percentage on parties that import or produce energy from conventional sources (gas, oil, natural gas) above a certain threshold. Green certificates replace the previous incentive system known as CIP 6 which began in 1992. Like the other certificates, green certificates have their own market, the Green Certificate Market.

  • Greenhouse effect (Energy glossary)

    Heating caused by certain gases present in the atmosphere (known as greenhouse gases) which block the escape of heat from the Earth's surface. This leads to heating of the lowest part of the atmosphere.

  • Greenhouse gases (Energy glossary)

    Polluting substances present in the atmosphere, of which carbon dioxide is the most widespread. The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases leads to the heating of the Earth's surface and of the lowest parts of the atmosphere.

  • Grey certificates (Emission rights or Emission shares) (Energy glossary)

    Certificates issued by the Electricity Market Operator to companies, which confer on their holders the right to emit determined quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The certificates can be exchanged on the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) via the emission trading mechanism.

  • Gross Operating Margin (Investor Relations Glossary)

    An account of the reclassified income statement that sums the amortisation and depreciation to the operating result.
    This can also be obtained by subtracting from the revenues the ordinary management costs excluding amortisation and depreciation.

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