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  • BAT (Environment Glossary)

    Best Available Technology is the most efficient and advanced industrially available technology which may be applied in technically valid conditions, capable of ensuring a high level of protection of the environment as a whole. It constitutes the baseline used by legislators when setting pollutant emission limits.

  • Balance Sheet (Investor Relations Glossary)

    This is an obligatory accounting document reporting the situation at the balance sheet date of the assets and liabilities that includes the equity of a company and indicates its balance (shareholders equity).
    It is presented in the form of a schedule in which the assets are by convention recorded on the left hand side and the liabilities on the right hand side.
    The Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Notes thereto constitute the Financial Statements.

  • Balance Sheet Indices (Investor Relations Glossary)

    They are indicators of the balance sheet situation of the company under examination.
    Among the most important are:

    1. Debt ratio
    2. Debt and own capital ratio
    3. Balance sheet ratio
  • Balancing (Energy glossary)

    Required by the despatching service, balancing is a service used to balance inputs of electricity with withdrawals in real time.

  • Balancing service (see Balancing) (Energy glossary)
  • Balancing service market (Energy glossary)

    The market that operates for the Despatching Service Market for procuring the necessary resources for balancing.

  • Bersani decree (Energy glossary)

    Italian legislative decree no. 79 of 16 March 1999 (which came into force on 1 April 1999). The Bersani decree implemented European Directive 96/92/EC concerning common rules for the internal electricity market and the deregulation of the electricity market.

  • Bilateral supply contract (Energy glossary)

    Supply contract for electricity and services between a producer/wholesaler and an eligible customer, on the free market.

  • Bioaccumulation (Environment Glossary)

    Increase, in time, of the concentration of a chemical product in a biological organism with respect to the concentration of the chemical product in the environment.

  • Biodegradable (Environment Glossary)

    Material subject to decomposition into simple chemical compounds performed by natural biophysical agents (bacteria, sunlight, humidity, etc.).

  • Biodiversity (Environment Glossary)

    This means “variety of life” and measures the variety of living organisms. It is commonly used to describe the number, variety and variability of the animal and plant species of our planet.

  • Biogas (Environment Glossary)

    Mixture of gases produced by the fermentation of waste by microorganisms under anaerobic conditions. The gases present in the mixture are methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and traces of odorigenic sulphates. The methane contained in the biogas may be used as fuel.

  • Biostabilizzato (Environment Glossary)

    Product obtained from aerobic, biological fermentation of various kinds of organic matter, through accelerated dioxidation. It is used for special, well-defined applications (environmental restoration, covering of closed landfills, etc.)

  • Board of Statutory Auditors (Investor Relations Glossary)

    The Board of Statutory Auditors of the company must verify the correct administration of the company, supervise on compliance with law and the incorporation act, assert the correctness in the maintaining of the accounting records, verify that the financial statements agree with the underlying accounting records and compliance of the norms for the valuation of the company.
    The Board of Statutory Auditors must also verify, on a quarterly basis, the cash held and the existence of values and securities held and received by the company in lien, caution or in custody.
    The statutory auditors may at any moment inspect the performance of the operations and on determined matters.

  • Bulky waste (Environment Glossary)

    Voluminous household waste (old furniture, household appliances, etc.) that cannot be placed in the bin, but have to be taken to the Ecological Stations.

  • Business Plan (Investor Relations Glossary)

    The business plan (or strategic plan) is the document that methodically illustrates the company’s strategic direction, its main operating and financial targets, the actions it will take to achieve those objectives, the new initiatives and investments planned, and their impact on the company’s performance.

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