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  • A.T.O. (Environment Glossary)

    Optimum Territorial Area, established by art. 23 of the Italian Ronchi Decree. Its purpose is to ensure unitary management of municipal waste and prepare waste plans, working together with the municipalities.

  • Accelerated Depreciation (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Accounting practice that permits a sub-division of the cost of a fixed asset over a shorter period than normal, in order to obtain fiscal benefits.

  • Aggregates (Environment Glossary)

    Scraps coming from building demolitions.

  • Alloy (Environment Glossary)

    Material obtained from smelting a metal with one or more chemical elements

  • Aluminium (Environment Glossary)

    silvery white metal that is pliable and lightweight and made industrially from bauxite.

  • Amortisation (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Sub-division of the value of an asset over a period of time. Costs to be amortised are defined as those still to be attributed to the income statement, amortised costs those already charged to the income statement in previous years, amortisation quota the quota attributable to each period generally equal to one year, and accumulated amortisation the sum of the amortisation quotas.

  • Amortisation on a straight line basis (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Repayment through equal periodic payments of sums of money over a period of time, each of which refunds a quota of the total capital and the interest due, until the extinction of the payable.

  • Amortisation quota (Investor Relations Glossary)

    The calculation of the amortisation quota is normally made under the straight-line method, dividing the cost of the asset equally over the useful life of the asset.
    The duration of the useful life of the asset principally depends on:

    1. Its physical deterioration, connected with the usage over time
    2. Its technical obsolescence, dependent on utilisation of new technologies
    3. The manner in which it is utilised
    4. The quality and intensity of maintenance on the asset
    5. The investment policy of the company
  • Analyst Coverage (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Term used in the Investor Relations to indicate the studies or research made by the financial analysts on listed companies.

  • Apartment-block user (Water Glossary)

    This means that the supply is made through asingle meter which distributes water to several properties, including with different intended uses. The contract is usually in the name of the manager of the block of flats that they are responsible for.

  • Asbestos (Environment Glossary)

    Type of filamentous, flexible mineral used for manufacturing fabrics, clothing and protective items that are fire-retardant. Eternit was made by mixing it with cement. Since it is a material dangerous for health, its use has been forbidden for several years.

  • Assets (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Any goods (tangible or intangible), receivable or right held by an individual or by a company that can be attributed a monetary value.

  • Audit Firm (Investor Relations Glossary)

    Company that audits the financial statements. Consob supervises the activities performed by the firms listed in the special register, in order to control their independence and technical adequacy.
    In the year of control, Consob can:

    1. Request the communication, including periodically, of data and information and the transmission of acts and documents, fixing the relative terms
    2. Make inspections and request information and clarification from shareholders, directors, statutory auditors and director generals of the audit firms
    3. Recommend principles and criteria to be adopted for the audit, requesting prior opinion from the national accountants body.
  • Authority for Electrical Energy and Gas (AEEG) (Energy glossary)

    An independent authority instituted by Italian law no. 481 of 14 November 1995 with responsibility for regulation, control and promotion of competition in the electrical and gas energy sectors.

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