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Voting at shareholders' meeting

Article 10 of Regulations for shareholders' meetings describes procedures thanks to which shareholders can actively participate to company decisions.

Chairman establishes, before the opening of discussion, the manner of expression, the counting of votes and may establish a maximum term within which the vote must be expressed.

At the end of the voting the scrutinizing is made by Chairman declaring the results to the meeting.

Chairman can also establish that the voting is made through information technology instruments and in this case may request the assistance of external technicians to the Company.

Vote in the Shareholders Meeting of 29th April 2020

By virtue of the measures adopted by the competent Authorities aimed at containing, combating and managing the ongoing epidemiological emergency, attendance at the Shareholders' Meeting will take place exclusively by the Designated Representative (more specifically Computershare S.p.A.).

Therefore, each person legitimated to attend at the Shareholders' Meeting must send a proxy form with voting instructions to the Designated Representative, by completing and signing the specific form, available on the Company's internet website eng.gruppohera.it in the section Corporate Governance, Shareholders' Meeting.

Detailed instructions and a few tools, intended to make the necessary procedures simpler to comprehend, are available at https://eng.gruppohera.it/group/corporate_governance/shareholders_meetings/.

Page updated 17 April 2020

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Together to build the future
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