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Shareholders' meeting of 29th April 2008

Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting for Hera S.p.A. has been called on the 29th April 208 to approve the 2007 Financial Statements. The meeting has been held at 10:00 in Gobetti Street 101 in Bologna, in the Congress Room Center – CNR, to approve:

  1. Financial statement as at 31 December 2007, dividend pay-out, Internal Auditors report.
  2. Appointment of Board of Directors members ex art. 2449 c.c.
  3. Appointment of Board of Directors members not ex art. 2449 c.c.
  4. Appointment of Internal Statutory Auditors and Chairman.
  5. Remuneration of Board of Directors members.
  6. Remuneration of Internal Statutory Auditors.
  7. Buy back plan.

Page updated 25 August 2008

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Together to build the future
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