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Shares held by relevant people

The following tab shows relevant persons according to art. 79 of Regulations concerning Issuers and indicates shares held by them.

áOffice in HeraInvestee companiesNo. of shares at 31-12-2019No. of shares purchased in 2019No. of shares sold in 2019No. of shares at 31-12-2019
Tomaso Tommasi di Vignano (1)ChairmanHera S.p.A.31,764--31,764
Stefano VenierC.E.O.Hera S.p.A.---á
Gabriele GiacobazziVice ChairmanHera S.p.A.---á
Fabio BacchilegaDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Danilo ManfrediDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Alessandro MelcarneDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Lorenzo MingantiDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Monica MondardiniDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Erwin P.W. Rauhe (2)DirectorHera S.p.A.-5,000-5,000
Manuela Cecilia RescazziDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Paola Gina Maria SchwizerDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Federica SegantiDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Bruno TaniDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Alice VattaDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
Marina VignolaDirectorHera S.p.A.---á
General managers and other management with strategic responsibilitiesHera S.p.A.---á

(1) indirect ownership, through spouse
(2) ownership through subsidiaries, trust companies or third parties


This page is update in real time as soon as a trade operation is finalized.

Page updated 3 June 2020

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Together to build the future
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