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Ethics and Sustainability Committee

In order to ensure the dissemination and implementation of the Code of ethics, the Board of directors established the Ethics committee on 8th October 2007.
The committee has the task of assessing the compliance of company conduct with the principles of the Code of ethics, a document that applies to all workers within the Group, and of heading investigations upon receiving reports of violations.
This committee is composed of three members: two directors from the B.o.d. and an executive who is an expert in Corporate social responsibility and the issues dealt with in Legislative decree 231/01.

Subsequently, in the meeting of 8 November 2018, the Board of Directors changed the name of the Committee to "Ethics and Sustainability Committee", increasing the number of its members from three to four with the appointment of Ms. Federica Seganti and assigning to the committee the following additional tasks:

  1. monitoring the implementation of sustainability policies;
  2. formulate, upon request of the Board of Directors, an opinion on specific sustainability issues;
  3. examine the corporate procedures on social and environmental issues;
  4. examine the sustainability report before submission to the Board of Directors
MembersRole in HeraRole in committeeExecutive - Non executive - Independent
Massimo GiustiDirectorChairmanIndependent - Non executive
Mario Viviani-Member-
Filippo Maria BocchiSVS DirectorMember-
Feserica SegantiDirectorMemberIndependent - Non executive

If you wont to get in touch with the Ethics and Sustainability Committee please click HERE.

Page updated 15 April 2019

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