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Marina Vignola

A researcher in Economy and business management at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Marina Vignola teaches International Marketing in the Economy course in International marketing at the Marco Biagi Department of Economy of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
Her main research interests concern internationalisation of corporations and touch on many issues, such as: models for selection of foreign markets; models for international development of SMEs (internationalisation processes and the role of real and financial services in internationalisation); management of international agreements (processes of formulation and implementations of arrangements); processes of inter-corporation knowledge transfer (role of formal and informal mechanisms in transferring knowledge and the relational scope of trust and cultural distance); the country of origin effect (its impact on final customers’ choice of purchasing and commercial distribution, in various national contexts and sectors).
Concerning all these issues, she has published articles in foreign and national periodicals, including the European Journal of Marketing, Soft Computing, Finanza Marketing and Produzione, Micro & Macro Marketing, Small Business, Mercati & Competitività; monographs including Marchi G., Vignola M. (2013), Trust and control in international alliances. Italian businesses and the challenge posed by emerging markets (Franco Angeli, series: Gestione d’Impresa Milano); contribution to collective volumes, among which G. Bertoli, R. Resciniti, International marketing and the Country of Origin Effect the global Impact of ‘Made in Italy’ (Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, UK); contributions to the proceedings of national and international conferences, such as: Industrial Marketing and Purchasing (IMP) Conference, European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference, Annual Conference of the Italian Marketing Society (SIM), European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference. within her own department, she is a member of the Professor-Student Joint Committee and the Academic Council of the Sebastiano Brusco Economy Library.

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