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With HeraSolidale 145 thousand euros to non-profit organizations for solidarity projects

Aism - Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla, Butterfly ONLUS, D.i.Re - Donne in Rete contro la violenza, Fondazione ANT Italia ONLUS e Save the Children. These are the five non-profit organizations receiving the contributions donated in 2018 by Hera employees and supplemented by the Hera Comm contribution, with the Hera Solidarity project. 145 thousand euros in total that will serve to achieve well-defined objectives proposed by the non-profit organizations themselves. The Hera Comm checks were delivered today at the Hera headquarters in Bologna in the presence of Cristian Fabbri, Hera Central Market Director and Hera Comm CEO, the Group's light and gas sales company, of Filippo Maria Bocchi, Hera Shared Value and Sustainability Director, and representatives of the five organizations.

What is HeraSolidale

This is a project through which Hera workers can support one of the 5 associations involved in solidarity programs, with monthly salary donations starting at 1 euro or through the Hextra corporate welfare system. The 2018-2019 edition was enriched with Hera's commitment to allocate to the project, at the end of each of the two years of validity, one euro for each new customer acquired by Hera Comm. A further important change also concerns the new light and gas customers of Hera Comm, who can participate in HeraSolidale by choosing to allocate 1 euro when signing a free market offer to one of the associations. The latter were selected by Hera employees among the 15 identified by the Group on the basis of some criteria, in particular the reputation and transparency of the activities and their contribution to one or more sustainability and development objectives defined in the UN Agenda to 2030 (health and wellness, clean water and hygiene, gender equality, quality education).

The five winning non-profit organizations

Overall, the amount of 145 thousand euros (87,500 from Hera Comm and 57.500 from the workers), destined for non-profit organizations and collected in 2018, was divided among the participating associations based on the preferences expressed by employees and customers and will be used to create different projects with a positive effect on thousands of people.

The non-profit organizations that have already achieved the economic objectives set in 2018, will define with the Company the new projects / objectives to be reached in 2019.

On herasolidale.gruppohera.it are available all the information on the projects and on how to join.

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REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
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