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The Hera Group and Ascopiave: a large energy partnership in North-East Italy


Today, the Boards of Directors of Hera S.p.a. and Ascopiave S.p.a. approved the signing of a binding Term Sheet intended to develop a major entity in areas of North-East Italy, which will be able to rely on over one million energy customers, while at the same time redefining their respective activities in gas distribution. The Term Sheet, which will be finalised by a framework agreement within 31 July 2019, defines the geographical areas involved, the economic terms of the agreement and related elements of governance. The agreement reached represents an important strategic transition in the evolution of the two Groupsí activity portfolios and fully respects the strategic lines of development approved by the Boards of Directors of Hera S.p.a. and Ascopiave S.p.a., as communicated to investors.†

More specifically, as regards the gas and electricity marketing area, the agreement calls for a single operator to be created, bringing together the respective sales operations in the Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Lombardy regions, acting through EstEnergy S.p.a., a company currently jointly controlled by Ascopiave S.p.a. and Hera Comm S.r.l., the Hera Groupís sales company. EstEnergy S.p.a.ís activities in the geographical areas indicated will be considerably increased, coming to include the Ascopiave Groupís sales activities carried out by the subsidiaries Ascotrade S.p.a., Ascopiave Energie S.p.a. and Blue Meta S.p.a. as well as the joint ventures Asm Set S.r.l. (49%) and Etra Energia S.r.l. (51%), in addition to the liquidating Sinergie Italiane S.r.l. (30.94%) and the company Energia Base Trieste S.r.l. (92,000 contracts managed) and Hera Commís Veneto and Friuli customers (96,000 gas contracts and 68,000 electricity contracts). A major operator rooted in the North-East will thus emerge with a portfolio totalling over 795,000 gas contracts and 265,000 electricity contracts, based on 31 December 2018 data, which considering the joint venture pro rata component amounts to over 1 million contracts. This new entity, which will take shape through EstEnergy, when fully operational, will have a consolidated Ebitda coming to roughly 69†mÄ, based on 2018 data, not including the contribution coming from owned companies with minority shareholdings. 52% of EstEnergyís share capital will be held by the Hera Group, and 48% by Ascopiave. The parties involved have disclosed that the overall equity value of the new EstEnergy amounts to 864.5†mÄ (with a corresponding enterprise value of 797†mÄ), based on 31 December 2018 data, and may be subject to standard adjustments following the closing date; of this amount, 601†mÄ (543†mÄ enterprise value) pertains to sales activities originating from Ascopiave and 263†mÄ to activities originating from HeraComm.

As regards the Hera Group, through these agreements with Ascopiave it will reach its target of 3 million energy customers (3.2, according to 31 December 2018 data) set in its business plan to 2022. This represents a further step along the path of growth in this area, that has seen the Group double its energy customer base over the last 10 years, by way of internal growth and M&As.†††

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