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Internal Communications

Proximity to customers and the local community, recognised as fundamental within the HERA Group, is also achieved by internally sharing the values underlying the company identity, which every day guide the work of more than 8,500 employees located throughout the country, particularly in Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Marche. This is why at the HERA Group we believe that internal communications are just as important as communication with the world around us.

Irrespective of their workplace or job, we want all employees to feel like they are part of a community that works throughout the country on the basis of a clear and recognised mission and corporate culture. From this perspective, internal communication has the role of creating belonging and involvement, conveying the information that everyone needs to do their work, whilst valuing everyone's contribution within company processes.

To ensure that every employee is kept up-to-date, not only on the technical and operational aspects of Group activities but also on all of the news involving Hera, a series of tools has been created to share knowledge and strengthen everyone’s sense that they are all playing on the same team.

The PIA (Internal Company Portal) is the heart of the community of Group employees. Its homepage greets all employees every morning. The portal’s content is the result of teamwork, since every Department contributes to the publication of news and information regarding its own area.
This teamwork ensures that everything about the company is published on the pages of the PIA: from the code of ethics to ISO certifications, from the canteen menu to aggregation initiatives, solidarity, events and shows or agreed holidays. Photos, videos and articles about the company, specifically focusing on initiatives for employees (conventions, cultural events, sports events, promotions, solidarity initiatives, etc.), are also published on the portal every day.

PIA: Internal Company Portal

Every month, each employee receives the HO monthly House Organ filled with information, advance notifications and details about all Group activities, as well as stories about our everyday work in employee interviews. This is a great way to document the story of our company month by month, in a tangible tool to be preserved over time. HO is also indispensable for informing employees who do not have a computer workstation.

Hose Organ

The Video Hera workstations are active at the company offices. These monitors are placed in headquarter’s common areas and are available not only to employees, but also to all visitors to the company offices who can be informed about the latest Group and world news.

Video Hera

Amongst the many internal communication activities, we highlight the organisation of events intended to promote familiarity with the group's top management, such as the annual "meetings with the employees" in which the Chairman and CEO talk to all employees about the company’s performance.

In September and October 2016, thePorte Aperte (Open Doors) initiative will take place at plants for Hera Group employees and their family members:these guided tours of two Group plants are meant to favour awareness of the activities that represent the core of the company, beyond their day-to-day work, and also provide space for celebration with the participation of families. 

The sense of belonging to the Hera community is also at the basis of special Internal Communications initiatives such as Kids at Hera and sports activities dedicated to employees, such as Hera Ski Adventure.

Hera Sky Adventure

Page update 24 July 2019

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