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The Hera Group laboratory system

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The quality of the Hera laboratories work and processes has been awarded the highest certification in the sector.

Accredia accreditation

The operating units of the Bologna Laboratory and the Forlì Laboratory constitute an ACCREDIA accredited multi-site Laboratory, with a 0110 Accreditation certificate in conformity with standard UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025/2005. ACCREDIA accreditation guarantees the use of ACCREDIA accredited operating methods and therefore the proficiency of the Laboratories in the services provided. Accreditation certifies the quality standards of the work of a (certification and inspection) Body or (test and calibration) Laboratory, checking the conformity of the management system and expertise with internationally recognised regulatory requirements, as well as mandatory legislative provisions. In order to grant and maintain accreditation, ACCREDIA also carries out regular monitoring activities through inspections aimed at assessing the technical and organisational requirements of the test Laboratories.

To consult the list of the Hera Bologna Laboratory accredited tests

To consult the list of the Hera Forlì Laboratory accredited tests

Certification of the Quality Management System

The laboratories are certified in conformity with standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The scope of application involves: sampling services, chemical and biological analysis and development of methods for water, gas, waste, sludge, earth, compost, air and surfaces. They also offer specialist services for the interpretation of analytical data and the definition of interventions.

Certification of the Environmental Management System

The laboratories are certified for the Environmental Management System in conformity with standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

The awarding of the ISO 14001 standard demonstrates that the Hera laboratories have a management system capable of keeping the environmental impact of their activities under control, and that they are systematically striving for consistent, effective and, above all, sustainable improvement.

Certification of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The laboratories operate in conformity with standard BS OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety. OHSAS certification guarantees the voluntary application, within an organisation, of a system that makes it possible to guarantee adequate control with regards to the health and safety of employees, as well as compliance with mandatory standards.

Corporate Responsibility Certification

The laboratories operate in conformity with standard SA 8000, in other words corporate responsibility with regard to their employees and those of their suppliers.

Research Laboratories

The Hera laboratories are defined as "research" in accordance with the Research Laboratories Ministerial Register pursuant to Article 4 of Law 46 of 17/02/82 under the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

Compliance with international standards

Analytical methods in accordance with the following international standards are used in Hera laboratories: AOAC, APHA, APAT - CNR, DIN, ISPRA, EPA, ISO, OSHA, NIOSH, ASTM, UNI, UNICHIM.


Page updated 26 August 2019

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