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Definitions and links

Definitions and links

A series of brief definitions is provided below to aid comprehension:

LABORATORIES: specialized organizations set up to monitor the efficiency of the treatment plants involved in the Hera Group's integrated water and waste disposal cycle and ensure that Customer demands are satisfied in a competent and professional manner.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015: this international standard promotes the adoption of a process approach conducive to the implementation, development and improved efficiency of quality management systems, the aim being to increase Customer satisfaction by meeting the requirements of Customers themselves. « tratto dalla norma stessa

UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025: this standard specifies the basic requirements for Laboratories seeking authorization to perform tests and/or calibrations of equipment, as well as sampling procedures. It contains all the requirements that must be fulfilled by test and calibration laboratories for the implementation of a Quality System and to ensure technical competency and the production of reliable results. « tratto dalla norma stessa

ACCREDITATION: the Accreditation system was devised by the European Union to enable goods to freely circulate within Europe without the need to undergo repetitive verifications by the authorities in different countries. « tratto dal sito SINAL

SINAL: SINAL was created on 26 April 1988 by initiative of the UNI, (Italian Standards Organization) and CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) and under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Handicraft (today Ministry of Productive Activities), the CNR (Italian National Research Council),ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and the Environment) and the Chambers of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Handicraft. In Italy it represents the Accrediting Body, which being independent and representative of all the interested parties, guarantees, by conducting periodic technical audits, the competency and impartiality of laboratories in the performance of accredited tests. Acting in accordance with standard UNI CEI EN 45003, it verifies and monitors the activities of labs over time to ensure they conform to the requirements of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 and SINAL guidelines. « tratto dal sito SINAL

M.U.R.S.T.: the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research intervenes to promote industrial research activity, defined as "planned research or critical investigation aimed at the acquisition of new knowledge that may be useful for developing new products, production processes or services or achieving significant improvements in existing new products, production processes or services". « tratto dal sito MIUR


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