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Engineering Department

The HERAtech Engineering Department designs and constructs new works using the know-how it has gained over many years of activity and its in-depth knowledge of the territory.

The unit's highly experienced and professional technical staff are in charge of each phase of the engineering process, from conception to handover, including feasibility studies, basic designs, environmental impact analyses, procurement of materials, components and plant systems, construction of the plants on site, putting the plants into operation and final testing.

The Engineering Department works primarily and in close collaboration with the Group and the many technicians and engineers of the operating structures, but its activities do not end there.

The team's considerable experience is now recognised both nationally and internationally, and in recent years the division has been asked to carry out a growing number of projects for other companies.

In an extremely competitive context, the company's human resources are therefore becoming valuable sources of ideas and solutions, representing human and intellectual capital that would be hard to replace.

Page updated 8 August 2019


The Heratech Engineering Department works in the capacity of contractor for "turnkey" projects for the construction of waste to energy (WTE) plants, electricity and heat distribution networks and production plants, water treatment networks and plants and gas distribution networks and plants, by implementing and managing thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, biochemical and electrodynamic simulation models, complex plant and network systems, and developing infrastructure development plans geared towards process and energy optimisation.

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REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
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