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The purification of waste waters

To protect water bodies it is vital to prevent the possibility of waste waters being returned to the environment without adequate purification treatment.  Sewerage networks and purification plants must therefore be built and managed. They must be adequate for the territorial development and capable of guaranteeing the environmental requirements defined by Community, national and regional standards.

Waste waters treated pursuant to Legislative Decree 152/06 are “urban” ones comprising domestic, industrial and runoff (first flush rainwater) waste waters.

Hera has been committed, since its establishment, to the development of significant investment aimed at reducing the polluting effects of urban waste waters on watercourses. These measures specifically involve:

  • the extension of sewerage networks to areas that currently lack them;
  • the development of sewerage collection systems in order to facilitate the progressive elimination of small, inefficient water treatment plants;
  • the creation of treatment sections for eliminating phosphorous and nitrogen and for the final disinfection of waste water;

The drainage systems are checked regularly to safeguard the environment in conformity with the current regulations, specifically Legislative Decree 152/2006. The checks are conducted by both Hera and the competent authorities, starting with ARPA (regional environmental protection agency).

The control methods required by Legislative Decree 99/92 and Emilia Romagna Region Resolution No. 2773 of 30 December 2004 and subsequent amendments apply to the wastewater treatment sludge destined for agriculture. Some of the sludge is recovered for agriculture prior to intermediate biostabilization treatments. The sludge that is unsuitable for recovery for agricultural use is disposed of in accordance with its qualitative characterisation.

The waste waters discharged and the wastewater treatment sludge are subjected to constant and thorough checks before being reintroduced in the environment, based on a plan which establishes the number, frequency and type of analysis.

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REINVENTING THE CITY Regenerating resources to move to a society based on the circular economy
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